Agents of SHIELD: “Broken Promises” Review

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The robot apocalypse is finally here. By Terri Schwartz

Full spoilers for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD continue below.

Like the first arc of Season 4 was “Ghost Rider,” so the second arc is “L.M.D.,” with the threat of Aida and her incognito androids looming large. But with Robbie Reyes in the rearview mirror (at least for now), Agents of SHIELD can put all its focus into the storyline it’s teased since the end of Season 3: the L.M.D.-apocalypse.

Ghost Rider was a great hook for the first arc of Agents of SHIELD’s fourth season and the series did a good job with the character. Coming off that strong run of episodes, it’s impressive that SHIELD transitioned as smoothly and seamlessly as it did from the supernatural to a more science-focused robot showdown.

Or is it really the end of times, like Mack keeps anticipating? Part of what makes the transition to the robots-gone-bad storyline work so well is that Agents of SHIELD repeatedly proves that it’s aware that so many of these storylines have been done before. The running joke of Mack calling out the various ’80s robo-pocalypse movies works on multiple levels; not only does it prove