Agents of SHIELD: Ming-Na Wen on the LMD Twist

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Could we see May vs. May, Round 2? By Eric Goldman

Agents of SHIELD left off with a big reveal in December, as we learned that Agent Melinda May has been replaced by an LMD (Life-Model Decoy), while the LMD Aida has captured the real May.

With SHIELD back tonight, I spoke to Ming-Na Wen about this turn of events and what it’s like for her to once again find herself playing two different characters, having previously protracted May’s doppelgänger Kara Palamas/Agent 33. And whether we could eventually see a May vs. May LMD fight, like we did with May and 33.

IGN: I guess every couple of years you get to play two characters on this show!

Ming-Na Wen: I know! It’s like, wait a minute, it’s more work, right? [Laughs] But I think that as you’ll see when these episodes air it’s a really fun challenge to play the two characters because unlike the last one where I was able to depict another character very distinctly and different – she was a different person — this is a replica of May. I think that was a challenge and then it was a challenge to keep track of