Atelier Sophie and Nights of Azure Steam Bonuses Revealed, First Trailers

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Koei Tecmo Europe Reveals Included Bonus Content for Upcoming Steam Versions of Gust Studios Titles

Koei Tecmo Europe is pleased to reveal the bonuses included with each of its two upcoming Gust Studios titles headed to PC via Steam, Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book and Nights of Azure. On the 7th February 2017, PC gamers will have the opportunity to step into the mysterious and colourful world of Atelier Sophie and experience Gust’s first action RPG in the dramatic story of Nights of Azure. A new trailer was released today alongside a selection of assets showcasing the breadth of bonus content available for PC players to enjoy free of charge at launch.

Atelier Sophie offers players a wide variety of DLC included with its Steam release, including a collection of items to aid players on their adventure, background music packs featuring fan favorite tracks from the Atelier series, an additional “Hidden Archive” map and a selection of delightful costumes for Plachta, such as the Doll Making costume Viorage, Silver Tail, Mascoty, Lady Saber, Saint Knight and the Aqua Suit. Nights of Azure will include the adorable Gust-chan support character, who can be summoned to gain an upper hand