Hearthstone’s Small-Time Buccaneer is the Nerfed Version!

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Team 5’s Mike Donais on the health of the meta, the many iterations of Small-Time Buccaneer and the likelihood of changes to the ladder system. By Cam Shea

Hearthstone’s newest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, has been in the wild for well over a month now, so I figured it was a good time to catch up with senior designer Mike Donais for a chat. We covered a lot of stuff – so much, in fact, that I’ve split the interview into two parts. This piece is centred on the meta and the state of the game, while the second – much longer – piece is design-focused: creating the Jade mechanic, the thought processes behind the Reno cards, the ideas that didn’t make it into the set etc. It’ll be live tomorrow.

IGN: How happy are you guys with the meta right now?

Mike Donais: There’s a couple different ways to look at the meta, and if you look at it the wrong way, you can get tricked into thinking the wrong things… One of the things that has been happening is there’s a huge variety of decks and classes at similar win-rates to each other, which is probably