Indie Game Collection Lets You Serve Booze To Ghosts, Take A Late Night Swim

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The East Van EP is a collection of games from Canadian designer ceMelusine. It’s full of mystic visions, mixed drinks, and late night swimming. The mundane becomes magical in this series of Cool Indie Games.


Bundling up three titles, ceMelusine manages to weave an experience full of wonder. In Oracle, procedurally generate statements turn into incantations to an unknown god. Players rest by incandescent fire before getting muted glances at their future. A broken castle under the moon. An ever-growing graveyard. Oracle has a decidedly quiet and somber look at mysticism. It is a way to connect to a greater whole, a means to commune with the larger world.

In terms of play, the game is simple. Most games in the East Van EP keep to simple core mechanics. This provides a grounding that contrasts well with the vague arcana. Play is a relaxing waltz, with just enough hints at something explosive under the surface.

Summon the Apgrod

This is no more apparent than in the collection’s second game Summon the Apgrod. Working as a bartender in a nightclub, players server neon beverages to