It's Always Sunny: “The Gang Goes to a Water Park” Review

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Chaos is a ladder…leading up to a water slide. By Matt Fowler

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

  At this point, you can drop the Always Sunny Gang off anywhere and you’re pretty much guaranteed a fun time. That being said, a water park was an especially inspired idea that allowed the Paddy’s Pubbers to split up into three different, hilarious stories. No one’s going to have any meaningful arcs on this series and there’s only ever a smidgen of serialization to be found, so why not just drop the insanity off in a public place and see how many regular people they can terrorize and traumatize?

Charlie and Frank stayed extremely mobile, screaming “AIDS” everywhere they went and then pushing their way to the front of long lines while Mac and Dee got trapped in a slide – a storyline that felt like it might have been ripped straight from Frank’s “getting stuck in things” playbook.

In the tube, they got pissed on and face-melted and experienced all sorts of uncomfortableness while freakin’ Game of Thrones executive producers D.B. Wiess and David Benioff starred as the “NERD!” slide attendants. A bit of behind-the-scenes guest