Nintendo Switch, Please Save These Wii U Games

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Back before we had any idea what the Nintendo Switch even was, back when it was still an NX codename Nintendo announced to assure us it wasn’t abandoning dedicated hardware for mobile, there were some rumors about the device’s features. One idea floating around was that Nintendo wanted to make it easy to port Wii U games to whatever this new device would be, even though actual backward compatibility was unlikely.

From a financial standpoint, that made sense. At that point in early 2015 it was clear that even with some promising games on the horizon, the Wii U probably wasn’t going to start suddenly burning up the sales charts. Creating those HD games costs time and money, so a double-dip on a new console could recoup some of the cost while simultaneously padding out the new console’s early software lineup. A win-win.

But screw financials. There are Wii U games Nintendo should absolutely port to the Switch because they are fantastic games that nobody got a chance to play since they didn’t buy a Wii U. We already know this is happening. The debut trailer for the Switch showed off updated versions of Wii U classics Splatoon and Mario