What Happens When Batman Fights Lobo?

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The Batman vs. the Main Man. By Jesse Schedeen

The newest issue of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad sees the Dark Knight battling one of his toughest foes yet.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #4!

As this issue opened, the Justice League and Suicide Squad were forced to put aside their differences and unite to battle Maxwell Lord’s team of villains, a team now revealed to be Amanda Waller’s original Suicide Squad (more on how writer Joshua Williamson selected the various members here).

This issue featured a number of epic battles, but none bigger or more seemingly one-sided than Batman taking on the Main Man himself, Lobo. One would think even Batman would be no match for an alien with the strength of Superman and the healing powers of Wolverine, but this is batman we’re talking about. The overconfident Lobo found the tables turning when Batman injected him with one of Amanda Waller’s trademark brain bombs and detonated it.

Lobo is defeated by Batman. Art by Fernando Pasarin. (DC Comics)

If this twist is to be taken at face value, Batman just broke his cardinal rule against killing. That