Are you going digital-only with the Nintendo Switch? [POLL]

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Before the launch of the Nintendo Switch, one of the things I said the company had to knock out of the park was tying games to a Nintendo account and making it easier to purchase digital titles online. The Wii U eShop was a step in the right direction, but the interface felt bloated and the UI was often slow, making for a poor user experience.The Nintendo Switch suffers from none of these problems. The UI itself is snappy and I’ve yet to encounter a wait that I felt was excessive while waiting for different pages on the console to load. In fact, the only complaint I have about the eShop now is that there’s no way to categorize or sort games, so everything is sort of jumbled together. Nintendo needs to work on a fix for this before more games start populating the eShop as the Switch’s lifecycle expands.With the Nintendo Switch being a great option to get console-quality games on a handheld device, are you going fully digital this generation? Nintendo didn’t make the same mistake that Sony made with the PS Vita using proprietary memory, instead going with the industry standard microSD card that’s been used in