Bates Motel: “Dreams Die First” Review

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Psycho (path). By Matt Fowler

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

“Dreams Die First,” directed by series star Nestor Carbonell, was a big chapter for a handful of reasons. The showiest, flashiest reason is that Rihanna made her debut as Marion Crane and Bates Motel has now, finally, absorbed the movie Psycho into its own lore. Which his pretty damn cool.

Character-wise though, Norman made some huge discoveries about himself this week. In a moment of rare clarity, he re-engaged with Dr. Edwards and reminded himself that — basically — he’s insane. With Norma gone (or “missing”), he pretty much wound up washing himself out of his own man-made delusion and remembered exactly what he was capable of – about how he both imagines her and becomes her. How “Norma” is a dangerous coping mechanism.

THEN, Norman discovered where “Norma” had been spending her nights. While Norman isn’t allowed to get any action of his own without his Norma side butting in and messing things up (or flat out killing the girl), Norma’s been whooping it up at the White Horse Bar and hooking up with male strangers. What stinging irony. She’s allowed to sow her