Battle Princess Madelyn Already Funded on Kickstarter, PS Vita Stretch Goal Added

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After just three days, Battle Princess Madelyn from Causal Bit Games reached its $60,000 CAD goal on Kickstarter. Scheduled for launch in February 2018, Battle Princess Madelyn will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Wii U. Thanks to Limited Run Games, by pledging $45 CAD you can receive a physical copy of the game for PS4.

Since hitting their target, Causal Bit Games has added some stretch goals that have already been reached, including a Boss Rush Mode and Insanity’s Blade King Mode. Battle Princess Madelyn is currently sitting at $109,000 CAD, and the PlayStation Vita stretch goal will be reached at $150,000 CAD.

Causal Bit Games Creative Director Christopher Obritsch said:

The reception for Battle Princess Madelyn has been phenomenal. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would fund this fast and it continues to grow!! Fans have been telling us that our game is the spiritual successor to GnG that they’ve been anticipating for all these years. We’re now seeing our stretch goals being achieved faster than we can add them. The pledges and support we’re receiving will ensure our team creates and innovates the game as best it can be.

Here’s the overview for Battle