BioWare Offers up a Mass Effect Andromeda Launch Message, Doctor’s Note

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Mass Effect Andromeda is releasing this week in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and developer BioWare offered up this message today, thanking fans for sharing the five-year journey with them:

Three studios, five years, and hundreds of people made Mass Effect Andromeda a reality, and we can’t wait for you to explore this new galaxy. From all of us at BioWare, thank you for sharing the journey with us. We hope you enjoy this next chapter in the Mass Effect universe.

Over on the Mass Effect website, BioWare listed 10 reasons why you should be excited for Andromeda:

Characters – As the Pathfinder, you won’t have to shoulder the responsibility of humanity’s future by yourself. To explore the galaxy and find a home, you’ll build a team with members of various species and backgrounds. New friendships, rivalries, and more await. Exploration – Your task is to determine the right planet for humanity to thrive on, and that takes exploration. One of the best tools for discovering a planet’s environment is The Nomad, a top-of-the-line scout rover. It’s equipped with twin hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells that power an element zero core and an interchangeable