Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe Review – Back to Basics (PS4)

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Call me crazy, but at what point do we begin to rebel against the fighting game genre’s incessant need to achieve perfection? I mean, why else would a developer or publisher insist on releasing four different versions of the same damn game, only with slight tweaks to mechanics, roster and balance. That’s right, Capcom, I’m looking at you… But they are far from the only fighting game publisher predisposed to such shenanigans. Arc System Works has also been known to dip back into their impressive backlog and re-release a game or two. Case in point, last week’s release of 2011 arcade cabinet, Chaos Code. The game saw a re-release on the PS3 in 2013, and is now getting the re-re-release treatment on PS4. Taking the form of Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe, this menacingly titled fighter hearkens back to a time when all you needed was a heavy and light punch and kick in order to defeat all-comers. Those were simpler times, indeed.

What’s in a Name?

So what exactly is this “Chaos Code,” and why does everyone seems so damn insistent on acquiring it? The funny part is that this is never fully explained. Depending upon the person