Emperor Palpatine: Sith Lord

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The Emperor has commanded a galaxy, so why not his own spin-off movie? By Amy Ratcliffe

As the Emperor of the Galactic Empire, Sheev Palpatine has a bit of a reputation. The ruling Sith keeps a tight grip on the officers and Imperial leaders in his closest circles and uses them to control the galaxy. He emanates power and fear, and on the rare occasions he doesn’t get his way, he can always resort to wielding Force lightning.

Palpatine had quite the rise to the top. He began as a humble senator on Naboo and through skilled manipulation and careful nudging, he managed to land the highest seat in the Republic Senate. The best part? He made it look like a gracious climb up the ladder that he took upon himself begrudgingly. He was masterful with his poker face.

You want this, don’t you…?

Given the character’s upward mobility, ambition, and mad Force skills, the field is rich with storytelling options for a future Star Wars Story. Potential spin-offs could fall into a few different categories – political thriller, action-adventure, or science fiction. Here are a few stories that could serve as inspiration for an Emperor