Game Freak Hiring for Pokemon Switch

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Let’s not beat around the tall grass. The next proper Pokemon game is almost assuredly coming to the Nintendo Switch. The mainline Pokemon RPGs always release on Nintendo handhelds, and the Switch is both a console and handheld in one.

Employees at Game Freak, the creators of Pokemon, have alluded to major changes coming to the series. Nintendo already promised Pokemon for NX (Switch’s codename). GameStop accidentally mentioned a Pokemon game around the Switch unveiling in January. And before then a rumor from the folks who leaked the Switch in the first place stated that an enhanced port of the acclaimed 3DS games Pokemon Sun & Moon would arrive on Switch as Pokemon Stars.

Need even more convincing? Game Freak is now hiring for position that might as well say, “Hey! Come work on Pokemon Switch!”

Game Freak recently posted several job listings. These positions require workers to collaborate with programmers and make 3D models for “cartoon-like super deformed characters, monsters, and item models” for “a globally popular RPG.” Unless Game Freak is working on a secret Tembo the Badass Elephant RPG spin-off, this could only be talking about Pokemon. And since