Iron Fist Is the Worst Part of Iron Fist

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Why Danny Rand is the weakest part of his own show. By Matt Fowler

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Marvel’s Iron Fist…

If you’ve not started, or finished, Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix, then you may want to shy away from this piece – though if you’re looking for our episode-to-episode Iron Fist review breakdown, you can see it here.

Iron Fist, critically, stands as Marvel’s first notable misfire on Netflix, which feels all the more unfortunate since it serves as the gateway series to this summer’s Defenders team-up. Perhaps the production was rushed, perhaps the budget just wasn’t there to give many of us the series we were looking for – there are many “perhaps”s here, though the sad reality is that one of the worst elements of Iron Fist is the protagonist, Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones), himself.

This is an arguable point, of course, as there are more than a few things that stand out in Iron Fist as being, putting it politely, less than ideal. The dialogue, the action, the fact that Meachum family drama takes up at least half of the show’s real estate – there are several contenders for “worst