Tips For Playing Bit City

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Tiny Tower creator Nimblebit released its latest game last week, town-building clickfest Bit City. Its simple-yet-satisfying tap-to-build action has already earned it a spot on iTunes’ Top Free Apps list. Here are some tips to help your tiny city planning sessions go smoothly.


Bit City is a clicker game masquerading as a city simulator. Players develop plots of land to earn money to develop more plots of land. They buy upgrades in order to make buildings more profitable, then use that money to buy more upgrades. They purchase cars, planes and boats to generate more money, which can then be used to purchase more cars, planes and boats. It’s a cycle that plays through on a series of progressively larger game maps, and it’s very hard to put down.

I wasn’t originally planning a tips post for Bit City, but spending the majority of the weekend battling a fever and obsessively pawing at an iPad screen changes a person. Having gone through seven of eight city builds and restarted via the Prestige System once, I’ve gained some insight into how to make Bit City really click.

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