World of Goo Nintendo Switch Review

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This gooey puzzle game is absolutely phenomenal. By Matt Casamassina

Update: World of Goo is now available on Nintendo Switch, we’ve updated the original review with a new section to reflect how it performs on that platform. 

We are believers in the goo and that’s because 2D Boy’s much-hyped and long-anticipated WiiWare and PC downloadable game is anything but a letdown. The seemingly simple concept, created by a team of only three (at its peak, mind you; the majority of work was done by two dedicated souls), is brilliant, stunning, and ridiculously fun, exactly the traits we expect and rarely receive from too many retail Wii titles. World of Goo is so good that it oftentimes feels like a title developed internally at Nintendo, which is why, even when you’re stumped by a particularly challenging physics-based puzzle — and you will be — you will feel compelled to keep playing, and playing, and playing some more.

World of Goo is an accurate descriptor of the game housed within, for you do with your mouse take control of goo balls (many of which feature different abilities), pick them up and connect them together in order to construct jiggly architecture