5 improvements we need for the Nintendo Switch eShop

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The Nintendo Switch has had a busy couple of months for those of us who enjoy indie games. Between playing Breath of the Wild and looking forward to the upcoming Mario Kart 8 Deluxe release, several titles I’ve downloaded from the Switch eShop have been filling my time.However, I can’t help but notice as I’ve been browsing the eShop, it’s going to get very complicated very quickly if Nintendo doesn’t make some improvements. Here’s a quick list of five things I want to see Nintendo implement in the eShop sometime in the future to help alleviate some of the messiness before it becomes a problem.More Search OptionsRight now you can search for games on the Nintendo eShop, but the only variables you can add to this search are for price and genre. Those are powerful sorting options, but they’re not enough. What if I want to see a list of all games that are on sale right now? Or games that released this past month? How about only indie games that are digital downloads?There’s no way to find games according to these parameters and I think they’re pretty common enough that they should be included in the Switch eShop interface.A