7 Blockbuster Games That You Can Now Play for Free

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Free, legal downloads of classic video games. By Chloi Rad

Earlier this week, Blizzard made StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War available as free downloads on its official website. This is far from the first time a popular commercial game went the freeware route after a long, successful run.

Below are seven commercial games that you can also play for free.

SimCity (1989)

The original SimCity debuted on Amiga and Macintosh computers in February 1989, selling one million copies by 1992. Beyond its critical acclaim as a city-building simulation game, it also earned awards and recognition for its success as an educational program. In 2008, Electronic Arts donated the source code to the One Laptop Per Child Program, which opened it up for free redistribution. Because EA still owned the trademark for the name SimCity, its free version was renamed Micropolis — Will Wright’s original working title for the first SimCity. Check out the source code here.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena (1994)

The game in the ongoing Elder Scrolls saga, the DOS-based Arena first debuted in 1994. Arena was known and even criticized for its starting difficulty, but there was no doubting the immense influence it had on