A Look Back At Far Cry 2's Bleak, Bummer Ending

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I’m betting that a lot of people who played Far Cry 2 didn’t finish it. It’s a chaotic, grueling game, and it’s at least five hours too long. If you made it to the end, you got a finale just as flawed, ambitious, and bleak as the game preceding it.


Spoilers will follow, of course!

The Story Begins…

You play as a mercenary sent into a diamond-rich, unnamed central African nation to kill the Jackal, a mysterious arms dealer who has been supplying weapons to hot-spot conflicts around the globe. You arrive in the northern region, which is called Leboa-Sako. A ceasefire is in place between the APR and the UFLL, the two factions fighting for control of the country.

You catch malaria almost immediately after landing, pass out, and wake up shivering in a bed with the Jackal standing over you. He cryptically quotes philosophy at you, then lets you go.


The rest of the game mostly involves doing jobs for either the APR or the UFLL, alongside various unsavory mercenaries that the game calls your “buddies” after you