All the Batgirls Explained

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She’s getting her own movie from Joss Whedon, so let’s take a look at the history of Barbara Gordon — and the other characters to don her cape and cowl. By Arnold T. Blumberg

For many fans, their first and most memorable encounter with the crime-fighting crusader called Batgirl was with Yvonne Craig’s indelibly campy and iridescently alluring portrayal from the third season of the 1960s Batman TV series. For another generation, it may have been the post-Batgirl Barbara Gordon as the wheelchair-bound Oracle that intrigued them, or perhaps it was one of the several other versions of Batgirl entirely.

Soon, a whole new crop of comics-loving moviegoers will meet yet another version of the character when the recently announced Batgirl feature film helmed by none other than The Avengers’ Joss Whedon comes to theaters… in a few years. But no matter what incarnation we’re talking about — and there are quite a few — we’re here to tell you that Batgirl is nobody’s baby, and she sure isn’t “a chick who fell in from outer space.” Her history is far more complicated and controversial than you might guess; in fact, several women have worn the mantle of the