Disabled Streamer Receives Hundreds In Donations After Bullies Kick Him From Match

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On Monday, a legally blind and deaf Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player was bullied off a match. In response, the CSGO community rallied around him.


Adam “Loop” Bahriz is a 17 year-old Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who got hooked on the game in 2013 while he was with his Algerian family overseas. In 2015 he started streaming for fun, and after realizing he was gaining some traction, he decided to pursue as a hobby while still in school. On Monday, he was doing something that wasn’t unusual at all—playing a pickup game with strangers. As soon as he entered the lobby, he told his teammates the same thing he says before every game: that he has a genetic condition which has lead to the removal of teeth, which makes him sound different.

Bahriz has hereditary sensory and auditory neuropathy, or HSAN. It’s a degenerative disease that affects the nervous system. It can manifest in a lot of different ways—for Bahriz, this means he has vision and hearing problems and has had teeth removed. “HSAN does not mean you are born blind, or half deaf, or whatever, there are some people with