Hearthstone’s Quest Rogue Deck Is Annoying, But It’s Not OP

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Every once in awhile, a Hearthstone deck rolls around that’s so strong, so finely-tuned, and so effective, it’s hard not to play against it without getting at least a little bit salty. In the wake of the game’s latest Journey to Un’Goro expansion, that deck is called the Quest Rogue.


Hearthstone’s main competitive mode, the one used by pretty much every major tournament, is called “constructed” mode, where players build their own decks and pit them against one another to climb the ranks. Your average Hearthstone player isn’t that great of a deck builder, so they “netdeck”—copy the best decks from the internet.

Most established Hearthstone decks are named after their central mechanical themes. Quest Rogue, also known as Caverns Rogue, is a Rogue deck that hinges around a central card called “The Caverns Below.” The Caverns Below is a new Quest card that rewards you with a “Crystal Core” card once you fulfill its requirement of summoning four minions with the same name.


Once you play the Crystal Core, each of your minions—whether on the board or in your