Late Shift Review – Movie: The Game (PS4)

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Telltale Games is usually the first that come to mind when thinking of a game with branching decisions where every choice affects the outcome, but you’d be wrong to compare Late Shift to a Telltale title. In fact, Late Shift could much more aptly be compared to something on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Instant Video, because Late Shift is not a game. It’s a choice-based movie, which is the same as Wales Interactive’s previous “game,” The Bunker

Think back for a moment at every time you’ve ever wanted to yell “Run you fool!” at the screen, or tell the main character to keep his or her mouth shut instead of saying something stupid. Choice based games have gamified this idea, but often have far too great a focus on the “game” aspect of it, with the result being a game at the core, with cinematic aspects. Late Shift flips the tables and keeps the cinematic experience of a movie while adding quick choices that pop up on the bottom of the screen with a short timer. Try to run or do what the mugger says? Give the girl the keys to the car or ask why she wants