PSLS Help Desk: PlayStation Plus Benefits and FAQ

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PlayStation Plus is often seen as one of two things if comments are anything to go by: That service that gives players a bunch of crappy no-name indies or that required fee for online games that PS4 gamers begrudgingly pay, but the fact is that your $60 per year (price based on US based subscriptions) gets you a number of additional great benefits throughout the year that are all too easy to forget each time Sony announces the next round of included games that come to the service.

The Benefits of PlayStation Plus

Online Multiplayer

Most people just have Plus in order to be able to play online multiplayer. While there are a few exceptions, almost every PS4 game requires an active Plus subscription in order to play online. If you have a single PS4 with multiple accounts, you only need a single Plus subscription on the account that has activated that PS4 as their primary system to allow every account on the system to play online.

PS3 and Vita do not require a Plus subscription for online play.

Monthly Plus Games

Plus subscribers get access to a library of games that come complimentary with the service. New games are