The 30 Games I'd Most Like To See On SNES Classic

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By now you’ve almost certainly read Chris Kohler’s well-reasoned take on the 30 games that should be on the rumored SNES Classic. Now here’s mine.

1. Space Blasters
2. Avocado Patrol

Two obvious classics. Sure, the ripeness mechanic in Avocado Patrol can feel a little clunky when you’re used to modern controls, but this is gaming history we’re talking about. Nintendo would be remiss not to include both of these.

3) Zibby’s Rock-n-Roll Adventures

Hard to believe that it’s already been two decades since we last saw Zibby, the iconic SNES character who’s best remembered for his goofy eyes and guitar-shaped head. It’s time for a new generation to sing along with his infamous catchphrase, “Hey kids, time to rock!”

4. Killtacular 1
5. Killtacular 2
6. Killtacular 3

I’ve gotta give the nod to the entire Killtacular trilogy here, because I don’t know where gaming would be today without the blood-squirting adventures of Grizz and his iconic robot partner, Pix-14. Play through it today and you can see how it inspired just about every modern shooter on the market, from War Machine to Gun Quest 8: What A Man’s Gotta Do.

7. FarmRaiser

Nobody—nobody!—thought that a video game could