Who Are These 'New' Dota Teams At The Kiev Major?

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Image credit: Valve, Twitch

The upcoming Kiev Major is one of the most important tournaments of the Dota season, a big tournament in its own right, and an important qualifier for the multi-million dollar The International, Dota’s equal part World Cup and Super Bowl. But if you haven’t been plugged into the Dota community for the last few months, you’re not likely to recognize some of the teams playing in Kiev.


Winning at Kiev means garnering favor in the eyes of Valve, who determine which teams get a direct invite to The International, and which teams have to earn one through a gauntlet of qualifiers. Last year, five of the top six teams at the major prior to The International received a direct invite. A win in Kiev doesn’t just mean the lion’s share of a $3 million prize pool, but also a surefire shot at the grand prize. But who are the teams competing in Kiev?

Ad Finem, the Greek underdogs who took second at the Boston Major, are now under the Mousesports banner. After a Facebook post describing a mutual termination, the former five were picked up by hot-and-cold