Destiny 2 Crucible Hands-On Preview – Competitive Arena (PS4)

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One of the primary complaints that players have had regarding Destiny is the state of the Crucible. Destiny’s player versus player (PvP) competitive mode has rarely struck the perfect balance, tending to fall into specific metas were one tool shines above the rest, whether it’s pulse rifles, shotguns, or sticky grenades. Balancing never really leveled the scales, usually swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction and creating just another power pocket for players to get used to. With the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal came the announcement of some rework to the Crucible, and we got to go hands-on with a new mode to see just how it feels.

Playing with all of the new Crucible changes alongside the new game mode, Countdown, makes it hard to reconcile what was because of one or the other, so I am going to do my best to separate them out. Crucible is now a purely four versus four affair. No more six on six Rift matches, No more three player per team Salvage matches. This allows Bungie to avoid some of the mass chaos present in the six player modes, but gives a bit more team freedom than the very precise and