The Top iOS Game Is A Fidget Spinner App, Because Of Course It Is

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Fidget spinners are taking America by storm, as the Tamagotchi and yo-yo did before them. Unlike those other examples, spinners aren’t necessarily toys, but rather concentration tools for distracted or hyperactive kids. They’re being banned from schools all the same. In New York, you can grab one at pretty much any bodega and twirl to your heart’s content. If you can’t grab one, we’ll, there’s an app.


Finger Spinner is currently the top free iPhone game in the iTunes store. According to a review it, “seems kind of close to the real thing!” It’s a very simple game with pretty concrete goals: swipe your screen to spin, spin to earn coins, spend coins to upgrade your spinner or change it cosmetically. People think real fidget spinners are bad, that their supposed benefits don’t exist, and that they’re just hugely dorky. The reviews on iTunes indicate that this view crosses over to the Finger Spinner game as well. Many unfairly state that the game gave them “cancer.”

Look: Finger Spinner is pretty silly. The upgrades have minimal effect to the amount of times your virtual spinner can spin