Wonder Woman First Reactions Twitter Roundup

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Review embargo lifts May 31. By Alex Osborn

Several members of the press had the opportunity to see Wonder Woman early, and while reviews won’t go live until the very end of the month, the embargo for social media reactions lifted last night and the general response has been very positive.

In fact, IGN’s very own Terri Schwartz saw the film early and shared her thoughts on Twitter, saying she thinks it’s the best of the DCEU films yet.

Alisha Grauso, the editor-at-large at Movie Pilot, also praised the film, saying, “DC is absolutely on the right track here. Gal Godot is absolutely phenomenal as Wonder Woman. She KILLS it, just surprisingly good. A truly heroic light DCEU desperately needs.”

IndieWire editor Kate Erbland also praised the film on Twitter:

WONDER WOMAN: Easily my favorite DCEU film. Has the humor and heart the franchise so desperately needs. Gadot and Pine are charming as hell.

— Kate Erbland (@katerbland) May 19, 2017

Mashable movies reporter Angie J. Han also weighed in with her thoughts on social media, saying, “Wonder Woman is the ray of light the DCEU has been waiting for. Gal Gadot just owns it.”

Collider editor-in-chief Steven Weintraub called Wonder