Don't Forget To Save Your Game, Especially If You're Speedrunning Dark Cloud 2

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“Uh oh, I haven’t saved yet.”

That’s what Closetowar muttered nearly five hours into a multi-day attempt to beat the world record for speedrunning Dark Cloud 2 by collecting every medal in the game. The best time so far is 42:11:37. In fact, it’s the only time. The “All Medals%” category for the game is only a few days old.


Who created it? Closetowar did, allegedly because he was bored. An experienced speedrunner of the original game, he holds a handful of records in Dark Cloud, but none of which go beyond 7 hours. In other words, a nearly fifty hour run is something new for him. And masochist that he is, after completing it for the first time earlier this week, Closetowar decided to push through the single-sitting run and try to beat it this weekend.

Unfortunately, at 4:49:37 on his subsequent attempt, a bloke in a barrel cut the run short. Closetowar was trying to save some time and took a few risks during the enemy fight, only realizing once it was too late that he should have been more cautious. He also