E3 2017: Every Press Conference Recap

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Below you’ll find the E3 2017 press conference schedule and show times. Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, EA, and Square usually hold large press conferences before the E3 show floor opens, each of which are live-streamed on IGN, and also archived on this page. Nintendo broadcasts a similar pre-recorded event.

All E3 coverage can be found at IGN.com/E3. IGN will be live streaming the latest news, gameplay, and, of course, the press conferences every day at E3. You can check out IGN’s entire E3 live stream schedule here.

You can watch the E3 press conferences live on almost every screen in your house or in your pocket. Here are the many apps and channels where you can watch the E3 2017 Live Stream(s). We highly recommend you install these apps now so you don’t miss out!

As always, IGN will be bringing you coverage of all the conferences live on IGN.com/E3. You can also watch the E3 2017 live streams on IGN’s home page and various IGN apps, as listed above.

In addition to the conferences, IGN will stream its own coverage of E3 throughout the week, featuring game demos and interviews from the show floor hosted by IGN’s entire staff. Below