E3 2017 – Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Preview – Chloe’s Back (PS4)

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When it leaked that a prequel to Life Is Strange, a game I absolute adored, was being made, I couldn’t help but groan. Then when it came out it wasn’t even developed by creator Dontnod, I was even more bewildered as to why it was happening. As someone who thought that Max and Chloe’s story arc was completely told within the original game, I just didn’t see the point in going back to Arcadia Bay.

After getting to watch a 20 minute gameplay presentation of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, I’m starting to come around to the idea. This wasn’t because of any gameplay mechanics that blew my mind, or any shocking story twists I saw. No, this newfound acceptance comes from how passionate the team at Deck Nine Games are about the game, and how they aren’t taking these beloved characters for granted. This still isn’t the choice I would’ve made with the franchise, but it’s happening and I’ll undoubtedly end up playing it.

The gameplay demo was largely the same as the one that Square Enix posted on their YouTube channel (I’ve embedded it below), although they allowed the audience at the meeting to choose what decisions