E3 2017 – Need for Speed Payback Hands-On Preview – Fast Ride (PS4)

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Need for Speed is back after a two-year break. Developer Ghost Games returns with another cinematic entry in the long-running and best-selling franchise. We went hands-on with the game while at EA’s PLAY event just prior to E3 2017, and have some impressions ready for you below.

Get Right to Racing

Our hands-on portion only involved a single race. While it wasn’t a story level, it was long enough to get used to Payback’s driving mechanics. We drove a Mustang, which had some heft to it. Drifting was simple to initiate by a press of the X button on an Xbox One controller used in the demo – we were playing an early build of the game running on PC. So this would translate to pressing Square on the PS4. As in most Need for Speed games, you are rewarded for performing risky moves such as driving against traffic, having near-misses with other racers and traffic, and generally driving daringly or competitively. Once you earn enough turbo, holding down the A button (Cross on PS4) uses as much or as little boost as you desire.

Payback’s physics can definitely be described as arcade-like. Need for Speed usually focuses on