E3 2017 – Pure Farming 2018 Preview – Harvest Redefined (PS4)

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Maybe it’s because I live in a rural area, and I can see farms if I look out my window, but I’ve never been captivated by a farming simulator before. So when the Pure Farming 2018 presentation I attended began with the question, “Why do you farm?” I was stumped. I couldn’t think of a good reason why I’d want to farm in a virtual world.

My reaction isn’t an uncommon one, and it’s one of the things that Techland is looking to address. They feel as if the genre still has a lot of untapped potential, and they’re looking to broaden the audience that’s interested in farming simulators. In order to do this, they’ll have to bring ideas to the table that are as fresh as the vegetables players will be harvesting.

One of the biggest innovations comes in the form of offering up four locations to players. These locations are: United States, Colombia, Italy, and Japan. Each area in the game will offer up their own specialized crops that can only be done in those areas. So, if you want to make the best coffee and hemp, you’ll have to go to the Colombian site. Meanwhile certain