Spider-Man Is “Definitely” a Peter Parker Story But Miles Morales Will Play a Role, Says Insomniac

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In case you missed it, Marvel’s Spider-Man teased Miles Morales during the game’s E3 2017 demo, following which fans flocked to Twitter to quiz Insomniac Games about his involvement. To quell misconceptions, the developer has clarified that the upcoming title will “definitely” be a Peter Parker story but added that Miles Morales is part of the universe and will have a role to play. “We wanted to tease that fact,” said the studio.

Elsewhere, some fans expressed concerns about the speed at which Spider-Man web-swings, and asked Insomniac if the character could move faster. The developer responded by saying that players with skill will be able to move faster.

it’s skill based, skilled players can move faster than we showed there, we wanted to keep copter in view 🙂

— Insomniac Games (@insomniacgames) June 16, 2017

Marvel’s Spider-Man is scheduled for release in 2018 on the PlayStation 4. Insomniac has said that it’ll share more details about the game in due course so stay tuned.