ARK: Survival Evolved PS4 Update Coming This Week, Ragnarok Delayed Again

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With Studio Wildcard working to finish ARK: Survival Evolved ahead of its full release on August 8, the developer has announced that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release of the Ragnarok content has been delayed again. A new release date will be announced on Wednesday, July 19:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news and especially when it’s as disappointing as this, but Ragnarok will not be releasing on the 19th of July. I know a lot of you guys have been waiting a long time for it and we’re incredibly sorry. We tried very hard to meet the deadline, but as of where we stand now with the focus over the past 2 weeks of preparing for “certification”, we know we’re not able to. It’s frustrating, and we know we’ve already missed 2 ETAs for the map but afraid it’s looking like it will still be a while out. I will be posting an announcement on Wednesday, sharing the new release date we have planned, as well as a full “state of the game” overview that will go into some detail about our plans for the next month. That’ll happen once we’ve wrapped up our submission