Here’s How to Register for the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Beta

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Square Enix surprised fans with an announcement after the Smash Bros. final at Evo 2017. Not only did they show off a spiffy looking trailer for the upcoming fighting game, but they also announced that a closed beta would be happening later this year. All attendees of Evo 2017 will be getting a code to enter, but those who couldn’t make it to Las Vegas this year can still register. To do so, they just have to go to Square Enix’s website. Click register, enter your details, and you should be set to go.

Here’s a snippet from the Closed Beta Tester Agreement:


2.1 General Responsibilities of Beta Tester

Beta Tester shall participate responsibly in the Beta Test. The Beta Tester shall be liable for any damages, costs, or expenses incurred by others or Company arising directly or indirectly from Beta Tester’s participation in the Beta Test.

Beta Tester understands and agrees that the use of the Products, Software, Documentation, and other materials supplied to Beta Tester by Company shall only be used for the purpose of Beta Testing by Beta Tester. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

2.2 Beta Tester’s Responsibility for Managing