How To Get Into Anime

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

So you want to get into anime. Buckle in. From outside, it looks like a big, scary and potentially fatal undertaking. And that’s because it is.

Anime is a medium that contains all the peaks and deep, deep troughs of human imagination. When it’s good, it’s brain-bending sci-fi plots, mirthful belly laughs, involuntary squees and tears upon heartbreaking tears. And when it’s bad, you’ll find yourself head-in-hands, bemoaning the garbage race that is humanity.


Getting into anime is all about avoiding the caltrops and finding the glistening, gold nuggets. I will guide you.

Your Mindset



There is so much god damn anime. And if you know anything about anime culture, it’s that its fans are, often, mega-fans. Anime fandom can be intimidating for newcomers. “Oh, you’ve seen this obscure anime? Well, have you watched this one?”, “Have you seen every episode?”, etc., are questions that maladjusted people ask. Not everyone is like that. Ignore those people. Watch what you like. Stop watching what you don’t like, even if otaku tell you it’s