The Perfect Game Of Thrones Game Is A PC Mod

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Forget RPGs, action games or even a broken if decent adventure series. The perfect Game of Thrones video game is a mod for a 2012 strategy game on the PC.

Crusader Kings II: The Kotaku Re-Review

When I first reviewed Crusader Kings II in 2012, I called it “one of the most challenging,…

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I mentioned in my review of Crusader Kings II a few years back that the systems put in place by developers Paradox seemed ideally suited to George R R Martin’s fantasy universe. While there are larger things going on like Kingdoms falling and wars being fought, CKII places just as much importance on the more personal side of feudal rule: marriage, politics, alliances and back-stabbing. Which just so happens to b the same blending of the big and small picture that that makes GoT that much more appealing to a wider audience than your standard fantasy tale.

Crusader Kings II: The Kotaku Review

I was playing as the King of England. I ruled for over thirty years, sometimes a tyrant, other…

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So it was only a matter of time before the two were brought together. A