Twin Peaks: “Part 10” Review

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”Hello, Johnny. How are you today?” By Eric Goldman

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

“An odd episode of Twin Peaks” just feels like a redundant statement, doesn’t it?

Not as strong as the last three episodes, “Part 10” wasn’t as information-focused as “Part 7” or “Part 9” nor as transcendent as “Part 8” (though, to be fair, has any hour of TV ever been like “Part 8?” That’s a rhetorical question. The answer is no).

It also was an episode that sort of double (or triple?) downed on the less than stellar depiction of/fate of women in this show, with notably violent acts perpetuated by Richard Horne against both Mandie, who saw his hit and run (and was murdered for it), and even his own grandmother, Sylvia Horne, plus Becky being abused by Steven, who’s just as awful as you might expect.

Then there’s Janey-E being turned on by Dougie’s newly improved body while still ignoring he seems completely brain damaged, and Sylvia responding to Richard’s vile actions by screaming at Ben to send her more money. Oh, and there’s Candie unable to stop crying after she hit Rodney, despite him saying he was fine,