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Podcast: Why A Couple Would Get Married At Taco Bell

Dan Ryckert, Giant Bomb editor and lover of terrible Mexican food, joins today’s Kotaku Splitscreen to tell us why he’s getting married at a Taco Bell. First, Kirk and I talk about YouTube copyright strikes (10:21), Red Dead Redemption 2‘s delay (21:10), and Overwatch’s one-year anniversary (27:19). Then we bring on Ryckert to chat about working at Giant Bomb, unhealthy eating habits, and what it’ll be like to get married at Taco Bell. Then we sign off with some light TV talk (1:06:20). You can get the MP3 right here. Advertisement As always, you can find Splitscreen on Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Reach us at with any and all questions, requests, suggestions, and fan-fiction. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Watch People Break Classic RPGs

Last week in Utah, a group called RPG Limit Break got together to break a bunch of role-playing games, raising $111,000 in the process. RPG Limit Break, an annual RPG speedrunning marathon that raises money for mental health, is full of entertaining runs of classic games. You can find them all here, or watch a few of my favorites below: A classic Earthbound race: Baldur’s Gate 2 (run in 30 minutes thanks to all sorts of game-breaking glitches): Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, a game that’s way grindier than I remember: And a co-op run of Secret of Mana, which is always a blast to watch: You can find more runs over on the RPG Limit Break YouTube channel. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s $10 monthly gaming subscription program, will go live on June 1, the com

Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s $10 monthly gaming subscription program, will go live on June 1, the company said today. Unlike Sony’s streaming service, PlayStation Now, Xbox Game Pass will let you download its games. It’ll be fascinating to see whether Microsoft can amass a library big enough to create gaming’s version of Netflix. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Hugh Jackman Discovers Real-Life Mario Kart, Gets Really Excited

This is probably the closest we’ll get to a Wolverine appearance in Mario Kart 8. Hugh Jackman didn’t stumble upon some ambitious street performers; he found what appears to be MariKart, a company in Tokyo that allows attendees to recreate their own Wario vs. Wario racing battles. MariKart provides go-karts, costumes, and even accessories to anyone who wants to cosplay Yoshi and crew. The only thing that could’ve made this better would be if the guy dressed as Luigi had given us an IRL death stare. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

blood sweat and pixels

Why Video Games Are Delayed So Often

Pictured: Red Dead Redemption 2 riding away from 2017 In the wake of yesterday’s news that Rockstar has bumped Red Dead Redemption 2 to 2018, you may be wondering: why do so many video games get delayed? I heard a few explanations for game delays while reporting for my new book on game development, Blood, Sweat, and Pixels. During this process, I spoke to developers who’ve worked on everything from massive RPGs like Dragon Age: Inquisition to indie platformers like Shovel Knight, asking them lots of questions about why they have to do things like, say, delay their games. $11 From amazon 123 purchased by readersGizmodo Media Group may get a commission The simplest reason is that, in game development, making an accurate schedule is impossible. Even the most conservative estimates at the beginning of a project can’t account for obstacles that will come up along the way. Sometimes a level that a game creator thought might take two weeks actually takes closer to two months. Maybe they’ll find out midway through production that their cool new idea for a combat feature isn’t fun, forcing READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


The Wii U Gets A Video Game Today

It is May 23, 2017, and somebody just released a video game for the Wii U. Congratulations to the publisher THQ Nordic for this impressive accomplishment, and congratulations to Darksiders Warmastered Edition for coming to the Wii U today. This is, of course, a port of the first Darksiders, which came out in 2010. The incredibly titled Warmastered Edition launched for PS4, Xbox One, and PC last November, but people who only own a Wii U have had to wait an extra six months to get their hands on this thing. Now, their patience has finally been rewarded. Next up for all you Wii U heads, Cars 3. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Take-Two Interactive, the publisher behind 2K and Rockstar, won’t have much at E3 this year.

Take-Two Interactive, the publisher behind 2K and Rockstar, won’t have much at E3 this year. Take-Two Interactive, the publisher behind 2K and Rockstar, won’t have much at E3 this year. In 2016, 2K had a huge booth on the show floor recreating a Louisiana street to promote Mafia III; this year, Take-Two says it won’t be showing any new games. With Red Dead 2 delayed, all Take-Two has coming in 2017 is NBA 2K18 and WWE 2K18. News editor. My book BLOOD, SWEAT, AND PIXELS, telling the stories behind video games like Uncharted 4, Destiny, and Star Wars 1313, comes out on September 5. Get it here. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed To 2018 (Obviously)

If you had “spring 2018″ in the Red Dead Redemption 2 delay pool, congratulations. Rockstar announced today that the highly anticipated western game will not make it this year after all. Rockstar has delayed pretty much every game they’ve announced in the past decade, so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. The company initially targeted Grand Theft Auto V for 2012 before announcing a spring 2013 release that was later delayed to September 2013, and Rockstar also pushed back the first Red Dead Redemption several times. “We are very sorry for any disappointment this delay causes, but we are firm believers in delivering a game only when it is ready,” the company wrote on the Rockstar blog. “We are really excited to bring you more details about the game this summer. In the meantime, please enjoy this selection of new screenshots from the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.” Advertisement The shots in question: READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

First-Time Tips For Attending E3

E3 2016 photo via ESA Last week, I got an e-mail from a reader named Ben. “I was just wondering if you and your team had any advice for first timers that are heading to E3 this year since it’s opened to the public now,” Ben wrote. “Any Do’s and Don’ts? Do they give out tons of swag? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I’m super excited and nervous! I’ve been dreaming about going to this forever!” We sure do have some advice, Ben, and we figured it’d be useful not just for you but for the thousands of other fans who will be attending E3 for the first time this year. Yes, there’s lots of swag We’re not big on taking things from the companies we cover, so we can’t give you much advice here, but you’ll find free pens and t-shirts everywhere you look. A good general rule: the fewer people care about a company, the more they’ll want to impress you with swag. Check out some of the third-party hardware booths for plenty of free stuff. Remember that the press conferences require their own invites First-time E3 attendees might not realize this, but the big pressers from…

Our Immediate Reactions To Destiny 2

Did you really think we would let this week go by without a special bonus episode of Destiny fancast Kotaku Splitscreen? Kirk went to the Destiny 2 reveal event in Los Angeles, and I, uh, watched it on the internet, so come listen to us talk about our initial thoughts: An excerpt: Advertisement Jason: Do you think it was a mistake that they just showed a lot that was similar to Destiny 1 as opposed to the open-world newer stuff? Kirk: I don’t know if it was a mistake. I think they will show that stuff. I think by showing it this way they put more of the onus on that stuff to be really good when they do show it. I’m assuming it just isn’t ready and would be way harder to demo. When you make a demo for an event like this, this must have taken developers at Bungie, coordinating with people at Activision, this must have just taken months and months to put together that they could’ve spent making Destiny 2. Advertisement Doing that for an open-ended area with exploration would be, I would imagine, not even doable. I think it just wouldn’t have been possible. At…

Here's What A Destiny 2 Strike Looks Like

After yesterday’s big info blowout on Destiny 2, a video game that’s sort of like Destiny except with a 2, most fans are probably wondering: what does a lengthy gameplay session really look like? This footage of one of the game’s strikes, captured by YouTuber GhostRobo at the Activision event in Los Angeles, will help answer that. Advertisement As Kirk pointed out in his hands-on impressions, this could very well be a Destiny 1 strike. There are some mechanical differences—the Cabal have dogs now, and those giant spinning razors probably wouldn’t be possible on last-gen consoles—but it’s all still Destiny. And I will likely spend another 500 hours playing it. News editor. My book BLOOD, SWEAT, AND PIXELS, telling the stories behind video games like Uncharted 4, Destiny, and Star Wars 1313, comes out on September 5. Get it here. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Destiny 2 Will Be 60FPS (Or More) On PC, Run Only On Battle.Net

Destiny 2 is coming to PC, and as you may expect, this version will give you far more of those sweet, sweet frames than the PS4 and Xbox One versions. It’ll also run on Blizzard’s rather than Steam or another PC distribution service, which is an interesting choice. First, via Bungie, here’s what the PC version of Destiny 2 offers: 4k Resolution Support (3820×2160) Uncapped framerate Full mouse and keyboard support with custom key mapping Text chat Adjustable Field of View Detailed PC settings screen 21:9 monitor support Bungie hasn’t yet said anything about cross-play between platforms, although I can’t imagine that happening for PVP simply because PC players would have an unfair advantage in the Crucible. As for—which we thought had gotten a name change but Blizzard is apparently still calling—you’ll be able to play Destiny 2 just like you would StarCraft or Heroes of the Storm. Says Blizzard: “Destiny 2 will be integrated into many of Blizzard’s existing social features—you’ll be able to chat with friends playing Destiny 2 the same way you already can for Blizzard games. Players will also be able to add friends and form parties the same way Blizzard gamers can….


Everything We Learned Today About Destiny 2 

Today at an event in Los Angeles, Bungie gave us our first look at Destiny 2, a video game about the crazy antics of Peter Dinklage. It’ll be out on September 8 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Destiny 2 is going to be “a new beginning” for everyone, both new players and old, director Luke Smith said at the start of the presentation. “There have been three things rattling around in our heads,” he said before listing the pillars Bungie used to envision their Destiny sequel. The first: “A world that pulls you in.” The second: “Amazing things to do.” The third: “Always someone to play with.” They’ve changed Crucible to 4v4 for all modes. Advertisement They’re going to make Trials, raids, and the Nightfall “available to all players,” which they’re doing with a brand new system called Guided Games that will allow in-game Clans to sherpa players through that tougher endgame content. The PC version of Destiny 2 will be on Blizzard’s rather than Steam or another platform. Although the console versions appear to run at 30FPS, Destiny 2 will have an uncapped framerate on PC. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Watch The Destiny 2 Event Live, Right Here [UPDATE: Over]

Photo via Kirk Hamilton in Los Angeles It is time, finally, for us to get a proper look at Destiny 2, a video game in which players travel through space, talking about how much more they liked Destiny 1. Destiny addict Kirk Hamilton is at the big reveal event in Los Angeles, while Destiny addict Jason Schreier is right here on his computer, writing up all of the news for you fine folks as it happens. Bungie’s stream will officially begin at 1pm Eastern. UPDATE (2pm): Stream’s over, but here’s all the info. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!