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The see-through Nintendo Switch is the best concept yet

Over the past month, we’ve seen quite a few Nintendo Switch concepts and custom designs, like the awesome arctic white Switch that we loved.But we’ve found something even better: A see through Nintendo Switch. Remember how Nintendo used to make special edition see-through consoles, like the N64 and the see-through GameCube controller?Well, someone applied that design to the Switch, and it looks incredible. See for yourself:For comparison, here’s the see-through Nintendo 64 (it came in carious colors) and the GameCube controller, both made in very limited quantities:Want to see more of the Switch insides? Check out the cool Nintendo Switch x-ray image.Tanks for sending this one in, Brian! READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!


Here’s what the Switch looks like in an X-ray machine

We’ve all seen the Switch opened up and torn apart by various news outlets, but we’ve never seen what it looks like in an X-ray machine. Until now.The image below shows a radiograph (from an X-ray machine) of the console, revealing all of its tightly packed bits and pieces. The Nintendo Switch X-ray shows how the battery takes up a significant portion of the console, the fan right next to it, the motherboard, and the Joy-Cons as well.If you want actual photos of the Switch internals, you can find some here.Check out the Nintendo Switch X-ray image below, courtesy of user “thcharles“, and for comparison, we’ve added x-ray images of the N64 controller and the DualShock 4 controller below as well. READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!

Leged of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Is this the ugliest Zelda: Breath of the Wild character?

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is populated by lots of interesting and weird characters, but some are a bit too weird looking perhaps. Just take a look at the character “Seym”, who can be found outside of the Dye Shop in Hateno Village. She (or he?) is sporting what appears to be cornrows, very pointy ears, and some seriously narrow eyes.If that’s not enough, the guys over at Reddit went through the game looking for more ugly characters, and they found “Sauge”, who owns the Dye Shop in Hateno. Words can barely describe how this fella looks, you have to see for yourself:Here’s some more strangely looking characters from Breath of the Wild, including Beedle, who was in several other Zelda games. Know any others? Share them in the comments section! READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!


Super Mario Run getting new characters and free levels in update 2.0

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Run will be getting a big update soon. The Super Mario Run 2.0 update will include new characters to play with, such as new Yoshi colors (see below).The update will also offer more free levels on the demo version of the game. Players will have to complete one of the Bowser challenges to unlock worlds 1-4 in the free version.The Super Mario Run 2.0 update will be released later this week, to coincide with the release of the Android version of the game.Super Mario Run is one of the most successful mobile games ever, having been downloaded over 75 million times. READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!


Check out this gorgeous white Nintendo Switch

We’ve seen quite a few custom Nintendo Switch colors over the past few weeks, but this one really caught our eye. A creation by user “btov”, he painted the Joy-Cons in white, or “arctic white” as he calls it, and it looks incredible.In fact, it looks so good that we wish there was an official white Nintendo Switch console from Nintendo themselves.“btov” shared his process on Reddit, which includes sanding the plastic of the Joy-Cons with 4000 grit snadpaper, using a flat white primer, then putting 4 coats of clear acrylic paint for the final finish.Check out the result below.White Nintendo Switch READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!


Confirmed: Nintendo Switch uses regular Nvidia Tegra X1 chip

The final piece of the Nintendo Switch hardware puzzle has been solved: despite reports that the Switch uses a custom version of the Nvidia Tegra X1 platform, it’s now been confirmed that the Switch uses a regular X1 found in the Nvidia Shield Android TV.The news comes from tech site Tech Insights, who did a thorough teardown and analysis of the Switch system, and found that the Tegra X1 chip was identical to the one in Nvidia’s own products.They took apart the actual chips to find out the codenames and compare them to existing hardware. They confirmed what we all suspected: the Switch uses an Nvidia Tegra X1 with four ARM cores and an Nvidia Maxwell graphics. Despite the older Tegra X1 architecture, the Switch is reported to be many times more powerful than an iPad.In terms of actual performance, the Switch is reported to be between the Wii U and Xbox One in terms of power.The Switch also has 4 GB of DDR4 RAM, which we confirmed a few weeks ago. Although developers can only access 3 out of 4 GB RAM for games.While many were initially hoping that the Switch would use the newer and more powerful Tegra…

Leged of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

How to easily get unlimited arrows in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Arrows can be pretty hard to come by in Zelda Breath of the Wild, and they can be pretty expensive to buy as well. Luckily, there’s a nifty trick, or rather glitch, that can give you unlimited arrows.In order to get unlimited arrows in Breath of the Wild, first go to an open field such as Hyrule Ridge. Then look for a group of enemies on horseback, who tend to have bows and arrows.Here’s the trick: aim the camera at the ground (as shown on the screenshot below), i.e. a top view where enemies are off screen. When enemies shoot arrows at you, they will now drop to the ground next to you, and you can pick up as many as you want. READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!

Leged of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

American fulfills decade-long dream of working on a Nintendo game

Back in 2007, a high school student named Corey Bunnell shared his dream with an online community: to work for Nintendo in Japan on a game. And with the release of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, he did just that.Bunnell is credited for working on Breath of the Wild as a “Wildlife programmer”, fulfilling the dream he shared with the world 10 years earlier.Check out his original post from 2007, where he asked the online community for advice in achieving his dream, and his credit in Breath of the Wild.Here’s a video with who appears to be Corey Bunnell, a game developer in Japan, although it’s not confirmed if he’s the same Corey who made the post in 2007.[embedded content] READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!


Only 3% of developers are making games for the Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a big success at the moment, so big that Nintendo has doubled production and analysts are now expecting the console to sell 8 million units during its first 13 months.And while there are a lot of third party Switch games in the pipeline (mostly from indie developers), overall it seems that the console hasn’t caught on with a lot of developers.A recent survey at the Game Developers Conference, which surveyed 4,500 developers, revealed that only 3% are working on a Switch game. PC and smartphones led the survey, with 53% and 38%, respectively.In fact, more developers said they were working on Apple TV games (4%) than the Switch (3%), which ended up dead last on the survey.Of course, there is a reasonable explanation for this: the Switch has just been released and many are taking a wait-and-see approach. It’s also quite possible that many developers are just getting used to the Switch and its development environment, before committing to making games on it.Check out the complete survey results below. READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing candy coming to Japan

Japan always gets some cool stuff we here in the West don’t. Like Animal Crossing candy. That’s right, Bandai is releasing Animal Crossing branded candy in Japan, which includes 10 collectible stickers.The Animal Crossing candy will be released next Tuesday and will retail for 200 Yen, or about $2 per packet. You should be able to pick them up at many of the Japanese online stores that ship to the West.See also: Nintendo pokes fun of Wii U failure in Animal Crossing New Leaf updateIt’s highly unlikely we’ll see these released in the West — Animal Crossing is quite a bit more popular in Japan than the rest of the world. READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!

Leged of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Someone has already found all 900 Korok seeds in Zelda: BOTW

It’s one thing to speed through Zelda: Breath of the Wild in under an hour and complete the game, it’s another thing to actually play the whole game and complete it 100%.And while it’s yet to be completed 100%, one player surely is on the way: gamer “xFateAwaitsx” has found and collected every single one of the 900 Korok seeds in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.Which seems like a bigger feat that completing the game in under an hour, to be honest. Just finding the last one took him 2 hours.The 900 Korok seeds are scattered all over the massive map, and when collected, they can be exchanged for increased inventory space.And what do you get when you collect all 900? Apparently, a turd. Literally. xFateAwaitsx shared a screenshot of the “gift” he got when he collected all 900:(Warning: spoilers below).          Here’s a video of what happens when you bring the last one to Hetsu (spoilers, obviously).Talking to Hetsu after collecting all 900 Korok Seeds #hetsu #BreathoftheWild #botw— FateAwaits (@Fateawaits520) March 14, 2017 READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!


Nintendo denies Switch screen scratching issues

Last week we reported how the Switch screen can be easily scratched when the console is inserted and/or taken out of the dock. The design of the dock, coupled with the fact that the Switch screen is covered in plastic and not glass, means that it’s prone to scratches, as the photo below shows.Now Nintendo has officially commented on the issue. In an interview with Time, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime mentioned the screen problem, saying:“We have done, as you know, literally hundreds of events, starting with our activity back in January, and most recently the various tours that we continue to take the system out on. As soon as I heard of this report, I asked my teams, “Have we seen this in our own experience?” And the candid answer has been no.”Apparently, all the times the company has used the console, this never happened. Reggie continued:“So throughout all of those experiences, throughout all the docking and undocking we’ve done, we haven’t seen it. So this is one where if it is happening, we want to understand more as to what the specific situation is. Which is why we want consumers to let us know through our support site.”The fact remains…


Nintendo promises Switch will get Netflix, Amazon, Hulu etc.

The Switch launched without any media applications — no Netflix or Hulu or Amazon to watch movies and TV shows. But that’s going to change in the future, according to Nintendo.Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime told the Washington Post that they are talking to “range of companies about other services, companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon — things that will come in time”.He added that they focused on making the Switch a “world-class gaming device”, putting all their initial effort into games and making the Switch a great gaming device.There was no timetable as to when we can expect to see streaming services like Netflix on the Switch, but at least we know for sure that they are coming. READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!


Nintendo Switch runs on Linux

We’ve suspected it all along, and now it’s been confirmed: the Nintendo Switch runs on Linux. More specifically, the Linux Free BSD Kernel.Last year, it was rumored that Nintendo might use a version of Android for its Switch operating system, since it’s powered by an ARM processor, a popular CPU architecture used by smartphones.The Nintendo Switch Linux OS is used for the “under the hood” aspects of the console, as there is little resemblance to the desktop operating system. The Switch also uses Webkit for its Internet browser — another open source platform used by Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari browser.Nintendo Switch Linux OS is a firstThis is the first time Nintendo uses Linux for its console — the Wii U, Wii, and other consoles all used proprietary Nintendo software. What does this mean for gamers? Not much, since it’s a heavily customized version of Linux.Nintendo isn’t the only company using Linux for its console OS: Sony uses a version of Free BSD for its PS4 operating system. Microsoft on the other hand, uses Windows on the Xbox One.Image via Twitter READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!