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A List Of Things I Still Have To Do In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

“Increase my Stamina Wheel” is not on this list. According to my Nintendo Switch, I’ve put more than 125 hours into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’ve defeated Ganon, of course. I’ve also taken down an army of monsters, completed a bunch of shrine puzzles, and found a ton of Korok seeds. There’s still so much to do. Like a lot of people, I took a break from Breath of the Wild after Nintendo detailed the game’s first downloadable expansion, which comes out next week on June 30. It’s called The Master Trials, and it adds a few new challenges for Link, some new gear, and a new difficulty level. I am excited about all of that stuff, and I want to save some of the game for it. I’d been happily eating chips and dip, only to learn that our server would be bringing a tasty new variety of dip in 30 minutes. I don’t want to eat all the chips before the new dip arrives, or I won’t have anything to put the dip on. In anticipation of the expansion, I’ve gone back into my Zelda game to check my to-do list. Here’s READ FULL…


It’s A Good Time To Replay Wolfenstein: The New Order

It’s the summer of 2017. The flood of spring games has abated, and fall is still a ways away. The days are long, the nights are warm, and it’s a good time to replay Wolfenstein: The New Order. In truth, it is always a good time to replay Wolfenstein: The New Order. It’s also a good time to play it for the first time, if you haven’t. But having restarted the game last weekend, I can confidently say that now is a particularly good time to replay it. No small number of people I work with and follow on social media seem to feel similarly. I’m sure it’s partly because of the sequel. Last week during their E3 press conference, Bethesda concluded an otherwise disappointing show with an arresting trailer for this fall’s sequel, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. All our favorite characters are back, and the Nazis are more powerful than ever. The story looks like it’ll pick up right after the end of The New Order. Time for a replay. In case you missed it, The New Order was one of 2014’s best surprises. Internally at Kotaku, our collective esteem for the READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Doctor Who, “Blink”: A Hell Of A Good Episode Of Television

Doctor Who, “Blink”: A Hell Of A Good Episode Of Television What it is: The tenth episode of the third series of Doctor Who, a Steven Moffat-written “Doctor-lite” episode commonly considered to be one of the best in the show’s history. It tells the story of a woman who stumbles across some terrifying monsters that happen to look like statues, and unfolds from there into a well-arranged time-travel thriller. What I’ve watched: Watched it for the first time last weekend. The entire series is streaming on Amazon Prime. Advertisement Is it good? Hell yes it is. I can’t think of the last time I enjoyed a single episode of TV as much. Quick thoughts: I don’t have much to add that hasn’t already been said in the copious articles that I’ve subsequently read about this episode. I mainly just wanted to say 1) it’s good, 2) if you don’t watch Doctor Who you should still watch it, and 3) if you do watch Doctor Who you should rewatch it sometime. It’s got a killer central idea that I kind of can’t believe hasn’t turned up elsewhere. The statues are monsters, but READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Do You Own A 4K TV?

Microsoft was pretty psyched about 4K last week. Are you? Both Sony and Microsoft are talking a big game about 4K gaming. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are primarily angled as 4K gaming devices, which means that to get the most out of either console you’ll need a 4K TV. So, do you? I do not own a 4K TV, nor do most of the people I know. That does not mean very much in the grand scheme of things. A Kotaku poll is far from a scientific way to get to the bottom of something, but I thought it would be a good place to start. A second poll, if you said no: I’ll be curious how this one shakes out. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


E3 Day Six Podcast: The Best And Worst Of E3 2017

Above: Chloe and Nadine look back on the week that was. E3 is over, and we made it through alive. On this final episode of Kotaku Splitscreen’s E3 blowout, Jason and I discuss what we thought of the show overall before he sits down with a pair of developers working on Uncharted: Lost Legacy and Crackdown 3. Listen here: Jason and I start by talking a little about Ni No Kuni 2 before discussing E3 2017 overall (19:12). Then Jason interviews Shaun Escayg, creative director of Uncharted: Lost Legacy (29:21) and Clint Bundrick, design director on Crackdown 3 (27:40). Then he and I both go sleep for an entire week. Advertisement Advertisement This is our sixth and final E3 episode—Check out our day-one reactions to Microsoft, EA, and the Xbox One X here, our takes on Sony, Bethesda, and Ubisoft here, our reactions to Nintendo and Jason’s time playing Super Mario Odyssey here, Jason’s interviews with the directors of Destiny 2 and Days Gone here, and his chats with the developers of South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Pillars of Eternity 2 here. As always, you can READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


I Squished A Bug Inside My Monitor's Screen And Now I Want To Die

It all started when I thought I saw a bug crawling across my computer monitor. Huh, I thought, it’s a bug crawling across my computer monitor. I reached out to flick it off, and found that I could not. I stared at it, unsure of what I was seeing. The bug was there, but I could not touch it. Was I hacked? Was this some sort of malware? Advertisement Eventually I concluded that no, it was a real bug, crawling around behind the screen of my monitor. I don’t know how it got there, nor what it hoped to accomplish. I notified my coworkers, who reacted appropriately. The bug soon wandered off the screen, and I got back to work. Advertisement Advertisement A few minutes later, it was back. I decided that I needed to document what I was seeing, if only to prove to myself that I wasn’t losing my mind. I took out my phone and recorded the following video: This is how it went for the next hour or so. The bug would READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


E3 Day Five Podcast: The Director Of South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Above: Dramatic reenactment of Jason’s South Park interview We’ve almost survived E3 2017! Just a couple more weeks to go. Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, Jason sits down with two more game developers: the director of South Park: The Fractured But Whole and the executive producer/lead programmer of Pillars of Eternity 2. Listen here: Jason and I start out by catching up on how E3 is going today (the state of Jason’s vocal cords may give you a clue). After that he talks with Jason Schroeder, game director on South Park: The Fractured But Whole. (18:45). Last comes Adam Brennecke (35:26), executive producer and lead programmer on Pillars of Eternity 2, for an in-depth chat about how they’re designing that game and how much work it takes to make a good RPG quest. Advertisement This is our fifth E3 episode—check out our day-one reactions to Microsoft, EA, and the Xbox One X here, our our takes on Sony, Bethesda, and Ubisoft here, our reactions to Nintendo and Jason’s time playing Super Mario Odyssey here, and Jason’s interviews with the directors of Destiny 2 and Days Gone here. As always, you can find Splitscreen on READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Destiny 2 Director Answers Our Questions About The Open World, The Darkness, And Titan Bubbles

Yesterday at E3, my Kotaku Splitscreen co-host Jason Schreier sat down with Bungie’s Luke Smith, game director on Destiny 2. They hit a wide variety of topics including what The Darkness is, how the game’s open world levels will work, and why they’re taking away Jason’s Sunsinger res. If you’re into Destiny, you should really listen to the full conversation—it’s in the video up top, accompanied by some year-two gameplay by yours truly. Advertisement You can also listen to it in podcast form below, starting at 23:35: I’ve transcribed a couple parts of the conversation that I found particularly interesting, which you can read below. I’ve made edits for clarity and readability. On What “The Darkness” Is Jason Schreier: First thing I have to ask you about: I saw this Game Informer article. In it, you said that you guys will not be talking about The Darkness in the game. Advertisement Luke Smith: Yeah. Schreier: And your explanation was, I believe, something about how it’s not time to reveal that, or you’re focusing on something else, correct? Smith: Yep! Advertisement Schreier: Tell READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


E3 Day Four Podcast: Luke Smith On Destiny 2

The press conferences may be over, but E3 2017 has only just begun. Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, Jason sits down with the directors of two major upcoming games: Destiny 2 and the PS4 exclusive Days Gone. Listen here: (Quick technical note: If you subscribe to our show, for some reason a five minute version of this episode initially went out on our feed. It’s fixed now, but you may have to redownload it to get the full 58 minute version. Sorry about that!) Advertisement To start off, Jason and I talk about what he played yesterday at E3, then discuss Sony’s weak excuse for blocking cross-platform games (15:38). After that Jason’s joined by Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith (23:35) for a predictably lively chat about the game, hitting on topics such as: Does anyone really know what the Darkness is? How will the game’s open levels feel different from the first game? And why’d they have to take away Jason’s Sunsinger res? Finally, Jason’s joined by Days Gone director John Garvin (45:30) to talk about how that game is coming along, how much work it takes to make a big READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Women Play Video Games

Photo Illustration by Elena Scotti/Kotaku/GMG, photos via Shutterstock Hello! I’ve come here today to explain something that apparently still needs explaining: Women play video games. I know, it’s a radical concept. (As plenty of you are doubtless aware, it is not a radical concept.) Yet here in the year 2017, it’s apparently still really easy to assume that despite the fact that A) video games are awesome and B) video games have been a huge part of mainstream popular culture for decades, women do not play video games. But they do. I know that many of you reading this are on the same page. If so, cool. Keep doing what you’re doing. But you may be surprised how many people still think that women, as a general rule, do not play video games. Ask any woman you know—who, again, probably plays video games—and she will likely have a story about someone assuming that she, a woman, does not play video games. Despite the fact that she does. Advertisement Basically every woman I know who works in games or plays a lot of games regularly has people assume she doesn’t. A quick survey today of several of the women I work…

The Six Biggest Announcements Of E3 2017

The major E3 press conferences are over, and the rain of game announcements has abated. EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo all did their thing. It’s up to us to sort through the rubble. Among the dozens of hype reels, hardware breakdowns, marketing buzzwords and game announcements, a few things stood out. If you don’t have a lot of time and just want to know about the absolute biggest stuff from E3, this post is for you. In no particular order, here are the six biggest announcements from E3 2017: 1. Nintendo Is Making Two Metroid Games. It’s been ages since Nintendo made a proper Metroid game, so of course they turned up with not one but two of them. We got an announcement of Metroid Prime 4 that was pretty much just that: a title placard with no release date or additional info. Still pretty cool. We also learned about Metroid: Samus Returns, a side-scrolling 3DS game that will be out in September. That one sounds great, and best of all, we’ll be able to play it in a few months. Advertisement Read about everything else Nintendo showed here. 2. The Xbox One X Costs $500. We already…


Here’s Destiny 2 Running At 60fps On PC 

When I played Destiny 2 last month, the most striking difference wasn’t anything about the game itself. It was how it felt to play it on PC. Today Nvidia posted a video that shows what the game looks like on PC in 4K resolution, running at 60fps. This won’t be of interest to anyone but the hardest core Destiny-heads, but it does give a sense of what the game looks like at a higher frame-rate. Destiny 2 hits PC on October 24, more than a month after the console versions launch on September 6. The PC beta is also later than consoles, coming some time in August. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

E3 Day Three Podcast: Nintendo, Super Mario Odyssey

Jason and I continue our Kotaku Splitscreen E3 coverage with Nintendo’s morning announcements. Were two Metroid games enough to energize an otherwise low-key E3? Is Super Mario Odyssey as weird and ambitious as it looks? (The answer to both, basically, is yes.) Listen here: This is our third E3 episode—check out our day-one reactions to Microsoft, EA, and the Xbox One X here, and find our our takes on Sony, Bethesda, and Ubisoft here. Advertisement We’ll be back every day this week with more episodes featuring Jason’s impressions of what he’s seeing at the show as well as interviews with the people making those games. Stay tuned. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Everything Nintendo Announced At E3 2017

Nintendo made a bunch of hopes and dreams come true today at E3. After a seemingly endless wait, they finally announced Rocket League for Switch! Oh, also Metroid Prime. They announced a new Metroid Prime. Nintendo has got these pre-recorded E3 videos down to a science at this point, and this year was their usual mix of already-announced games and fun surprises. It was an appropriate conclusion to a generally low-key run of E3 press conferences. Let’s break down everything they showed. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Sure Is A JRPG. I’m not going to pretend the new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was anything more than another JRPG trailer, but hey, it’s literally the only JRPG to get any play during an E3 conference this year. It’s coming Holiday 2017. There’s A Kirby Game Coming To Switch In 2018. Stephen will be psyched about this one. I’ve never gotten super into Kirby, but I’ve edited enough of his reviews over the years that I definitely want to play one. This will probably be the one. Game Freak Is Making A Pokémon RPG For Switch. In other news, the sky is blue. Still cool news, unless you’re a soulless monster who hates…