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Major Street Fighter V Capcom Fighters Network Update Incoming

Capcom has announced, on its Capcom Unity blog, that it will soon be bringing a long-promised major update to its Capcom Fighters Network system for Street Fighter V. The announcement states that the update will bring a slew of improvements to the Street Fighter V’s online experience, something that has been one of the most criticized aspects of the game. According to the announcement, one of the first changes that will come with the update is an improved Rage Quit Penalty System. Special icons that show whether a player is an “honorable” opponent or is notorious for rage quitting will now correctly appear. The updated system will now also take into account one’s online behavior including frequent disconnections to match players accordingly. The update will also greatly reduce the time it takes to find an online match as well as the loading times for entering Ranked and Casual matches. Matchmaking has also been improved so that same players won’t be matched with each other repeatedly. Several quality of life improvements will also be introduced with the new update including training mode user settings now being saved, properly displayed country flags in the Battle Lounge, country or league based ranking READ…


BioWare Releases Mass Effect: Andromeda Sara Ryder Character Trailer

[embedded content] It’s been a few days since the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda and BioWare has just released the character trailer for one of the game’s main protagonists, Sara Ryder. In Andromeda, players get to choose one of two twins, Sara or Scott Ryder, to play as the main character, but both characters remain part of the game’s story regardless of the player’s choice. The trailer itself shows a few of the game’s cutscenes featuring Sara Ryder, as well as several of the game’s other characters, alien races, events, and locations. Mass Effect: Andromeda was met with very mixed reviews (check out our review here) most of which criticized the game’s animations, more specifically the facial animations of many of its characters including Sara Ryder, as well as other serious technical issues. BioWare has since announced that they plan to fix many of the game’s problems and are considering fixing the animations as well. [Source: Mass Effect (YouTube)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Official Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” Edition Unboxing Video Released

[embedded content] The folks at Atlus USA have just published a new video where the company’s PR associate and marketing associate unbox the “Take Your Heart” edition of Persona 5 alongside the game’s steelbook version. The Take Your Heart bundle is the game’s premium limited edition. The Take Your Heart edition comes in special packaging riddled with assorted Persona 5 artwork. Inside is a 64-page Persona 5 artbook that gives fans a glimpse of the game’s concept art and character design development, a 19-track Persona 5 “Sounds of Rebellion” soundtrack, a Shujin Academy bag, a 4-inch Morgana plush, and the game itself in a steelbook case. The Persona 5 Take Your Heart edition has an SRP of $89.99. The worldwide release of Persona 5 is set on April 04, 2017. The game is the sixth major installment in the Persona series, which in itself is a spin-off of the Megami Tensei franchise. [Source: Atlus USA (YouTube)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


inXile and Interplay Founder Plans to Retire After Wasteland 3 Ships in 2019

inXile’s CEO says that Wasteland 3 will be his last game when it releases in 2019. He believes it will strongly end his career in the gaming industry. …Read More The post inXile and Interplay Founder Plans to Retire After Wasteland 3 Ships in 2019 by Jordan Loeffler appeared first on DualShockers.


Debunking the claimed link between sexism and video games

A recent article came out by a collaboration force of Iowa State University, University Grenoble Alpes and Universite Savoie Mont Blanc of France talking about sexism and video game exposure in adolescents. As one may expect, based on the first sentence which reads, “Research has indicated that many video games are saturated with stereotypes of women and that these contents may… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Debunking the supposed link between sexism and video games

A recent article came out by a collaboration force of Iowa State University, University Grenoble Alpes and Universite Savoie Mont Blanc of France talking about sexism and video game exposure in adolescents. As one may expect, based on the first sentence which reads, “Research has indicated that many video games are saturated with stereotypes of women and that these contents may… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

Pokémon GO Releases Some Mysterious Shiny Versions into the Wild


EA Play Will Bring the Star Wars Battlefront Sequel, Need for Speed, and More


Destiny Age of Triumph Event Detailed, New Trailer Offers Preview of the Action

Destiny‘s Age of Triumph celebration will kick off next week on March 28. It’s the final event of the original Destiny game and promises to be one of the biggest yet. Whether you’re into Strikes or Raids, you’re sure to find something to keep you entertained. For those who feel like getting their grind on, there’s plenty of unique rewards on offer. Below you’ll find all of the official event details, giving you the specifics of what to expect. BREAK RECORDS – Memorialize your legend with more than two dozen Emblems earned across twelve pages of the all-new Age of Triumph Record Book. Plus, unlock an exclusive, customizable Age of Triumph T-shirt in the Bungie Store. RETURN OF RAIDS – All Raids now include a 390 Light Heroic Mode, bringing them up to endgame levels. Both Vault of Glass and Crota’s End have been enhanced with their own new Boss Challenges. A Weekly Featured Raid has been added to the Director which will activate all Challenges for the selected Raid and provide the best rewards. FORGED ANEW – New battles bring new rewards. All Raids now offer max level gear and new Ornaments to equip. Complete the Weekly Featured Raid READ FULL STORY…


Outlast 2 Will Come Out in Australia After All

RC decision overturned. By Luke Reilly Outlast II will be coming out in Australia after all; the game’s rating has been changed from RC to R18+. Outlast II has been reclassified R18+ for “high impact horror themes, violence, blood, gore and sex.” ‘High’ is the highest impact level Australia’s ratings guidelines describe (following ‘very mild’, ‘mild’, ‘moderate’, and ‘strong.’) Outlast II’s new entry in the Australian Classification Board database. The circumstances surrounding the reclassification are not entirely clear at this stage; IGN has reached out to developer Red Barrels and the Australian Classification Board for clarification. In previous cases some games (2009’s Aliens vs. Predator is one example) that have been refused classification by the Australian Classification Board have had those decisions overturned by the Classification Review Board, which is a part-time panel with members from different parts of Australia who must travel to Sydney to make review decisions. In 2013 South Australian Attorney-General John Rau made a number of official applications to the Australian Classification Review Board to review the MA15+ ratings of 12 games. The Review Board upheld all 12 MA15+ ratings and did not see fit to reclassify any of the games. The rating READ FULL STORY AT…


The Legend of Master Legend: Amazon Pilot Review

Share. An all-night tour of Fist City! By Matt Fowler Amazon’s “Pilot Season” is here once again and we’re taking a look at all the new offerings. The pilots, which you can see here are presented to everyone, for voting and feedback purposes, and then Amazon picks up the ones they feel are received the best to series. Based on the real life exploits of “superhero” Master Legend — based out of Florida in real life, though for the show it’s been switched to Vegas — Legend of Master Legend stars John Hawkes (remember when we all thought he’d play the Governor on Walking Dead?) as a good samaritan with a delusional quality that prevents him from doing good deeds or community service anonymously. No, Master Legend must come to the rescue in full costume, flaunting his noble ideology, inflicting his righteous personality on a mostly-accepting public. Behind it all, Master Legend is a flailing father, a failed husband, and a man living out of a storage locker. In true-to-martyr form though, the hardships in life only fuel his fire as hints of a broken backstory permeate this nicely done pilot that teeters between melodrama and fly-on-the-wall docu-project. Hawkes READ…


Elgato Stream Deck Revealed, New Device Aims to Enhance Live Streaming

[embedded content] Following yesterday’s tease of Elgato Gaming’s “#Evolve” project, the company has now revealed all with a trailer. The “Elgato Stream Deck” is designed to evolve live streaming with the aid of a multi-functional keypad. For any gamer who’s serious about streaming, this new tech looks to be worth checking out. The official feature list details everything the Elgato Stream Deck can do: Break boundaries – You’re creating quality content backed by the best tech on the planet. But you want to do more. With Stream Deck, unleash your creative genius and make waves across Twitch and YouTube. All while focusing on what matters most: your audience. Take control – 15 LCD keys poised to launch up to 210 actions eliminate the need to map and memorize keyboard shortcuts. One-touch, tactile operation lets you switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio and more, while visual feedback confirms your every command. Traditionally this level of control was exclusive to mainstream entertainment broadcasters. Now, it’s at your fingertips. Streamline your setup – Elgato Game Capture, OBS, Twitch, Twitter, TipeeeStream and more – Stream Deck integrates your tools and automatically detects your scenes, media, and audio sources, enabling you to control them with a quick tap READ…


CI Games Reveals Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Challenge Mode, Game Goes Gold

CI Games Uncovers Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Side Ops Mission with Challenge Mode The developers at CI Games, creators of the Sniper Ghost Warrior and Lords of the Fallen series of games, aren’t afraid of giving experienced sniper players a high difficulty for a more challenging overall experience. Today, they would like to introduce fans and newcomers to the series to a new mode in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Challenge Mode. In the open-world setting new to Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Side Ops are large side missions where players can move freely throughout the area, albeit avoiding enemies along the way. Watch the video to see a Side Ops mission in action with Challenge Mode added to it. Long-time fans of the Sniper Ghost Warrior games have asked for a mode that will challenge even the best players, and Challenge Mode offers plenty of challenge. With a missing heads-up display (HUD), increased enemy perception, and enemy markers that disappear after using the surveillance drone, successfully completing missions in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will require a well-equipped arsenal of weaponry and plenty of gadgets and attachments to make it through undetected. “Challenge Mode is one of my favorite features in…

Counter-Strike Tournament Organizer Changes Rules For Benefit Of Banned Cheaters

Image credit: Valve Valve’s anti-cheating software, known as VAC, monitors public Counter-Strike matches for evidence of cheating, like aim assist or changing value modifiers. Traditionally, any pros found cheating have been barred from competing in tournaments, but one organizer has decided to let them back in. Advertisement ESL, originally Electronic Sports League, updated its Counter-Strike rulebook today, to allow VAC-banned players to compete in ESL-sanctioned events after serving two year bans. ESL runs several major tournaments in the Counter-Strike circuit, including the Intel Extreme Masters series, ESL One and Pro League tournaments. Players like Joel “emilio” Mako, Hovik “KQLY” Tovamassian, and Gordon “Sf” Giry—who have all VAC-banned in the past for cheats ranging from X-ray wall vision to possibly using aim assists—will now be allowed back into tournaments, as they have been banned for over two years. ESL’s new rules only apply to VAC-banned players; it specifies that players with standing bans from either the game publisher (Valve) or ESIC (Esports Integrity Coalition) will still stand in ESL. Match-fixers, for example, will still be barred from competing in ESL events. Additionally, Valve has confirmed to us that the Valve majors will still enforce VAC bans, so if ESL hosts a…