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PlayStation Store Global Update – March 28, 2017

Each week Sony brings PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable owners new content, add-ons, games and more. PlayStation LifeStyle catalogs the PlayStation Store updates for the major regions across the globe. Check back every Tuesday to keep up to date with each week’s PlayStation Store Update. North American Update March’s PlayStation Plus Lineup Pre-orders Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition ($50.99)(out 4-7) Cosmic Star Heroine ($14.99/PS+ $11.99)(out 4-11) Toukiden 2 with Bonus ($59.99)(out 4-3) Yooka-Laylee ($39.99)(out 4-11) PSVR Games Fated: The Silent Oath ($9.99) Korix ($19.99) PS4 Games Anoxemia ($7.99) Digerati Indie Darling Bundle ($10.19) Harvest Moon®: A Wonderful Life Special Edition ($14.99) Has-been Heroes ($19.99) Heroes of the Monkey Tavern ($7.99) Horse Racing 2016 ($12.99) KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 +2.5 ReMIX ($49.99) MLB The Show 17 ($59.99) MLB The Show 17 MVP Edition ($69.99) MLB The Show 17 Digital Deluxe Edition ($99.99) Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call ($9.99) Old Time Hockey ($11.99) Rain World ($19.99) R.B.I. Baseball 17 ($19.99) Resident Evil Super Bundle ($51.99) Skyforge: Early Adopter Pack ($14.99/PS+ $11.99) Snake Pass ($19.99) Tom Clancy’s The Division® Premium Credits Edition ($65.99) Vikings-Wolves of Midgard ($59.99) We are the Dwarves ($13.49) Zero Eszcape: The Nonary games…


Splatoon 2 Global Testfire event maintained solid 60fps performance

The folks at Digital Foundry got around to testing out the framerate and resolution of Nintendo’s Splatoon 2 Global Testfire event over the weekend and the information is pretty encouraging considering the Nintendo Switch is a portable system. Unfortunately, Splatoon 2 doesn’t run at 1080p resolution on the Nintendo Switch. Instead, it runs at 720p in docked mode at a fixed resolution, while in handheld mode the game features a dynamic resolution. The guys say that handheld resolution seems to range around 514p when played in portable mode. Digital Foundry says that this is pretty noticeable in portable mode, but it’s no where near the amount of fuzziness that you could see on the PS Vita with framerate and resolution drops. While they make note that some fans could be disappointed with Nintendo’s choice to focus on framerate rather than resolution, the guys say that framerate should matter more than resolution for online play. No framerate drops were spotted during the hour sessions that were played, which means the game’s framerate is extremely stable. Splatoon 2 – $59.99 READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!


For Honor's Peacekeeper Is Apparently So Overpowered, A Tournament Is Now Banning Her

For Honor’s Peacekeeper It was inevitable: For Honor players have determined which of its heroes is overpowered and must be banished. In a game so dependent on balance, For Honor’s Peacekeeper won’t jibe at an upcoming Major League Gaming tournament. Advertisement Eurogamer reports that the Peacekeeper is rubbing players the wrong way. She can spam her light attack, which hits pretty quickly and is hard to defend against. As Eurogamer points out, the chain attack is against the spirit of the game, more about strategy and mind games than twitchy reflexes. And since a lot of players choose the Peacekeeper, the game’s diverse hero offerings have become little less diverse in practice—at least in higher tiers of play. So, a MLG online tournament representative decided to ban the Peacekeeper in an upcoming PS4 and Xbox One tournament. In a forum post on MLG’s website, For Honor tournament supervisor -TheShadow- announced, “For online tournaments, we will try running a tournament with Peacekeeper banned, and then send a poll. If the community is largely in favor of banning the hero then we will do so.” There’s no word of an upcoming balance patch and, READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


We Don't Know The Environmental Effects Of Junking Half A Million Volkswagen Diesels

If Volkswagen can’t find a fix to its cheating TDI diesels, the cars will have to be “responsibly recycled,” which is just another way of saying they’re going to the junkyard. Is this really better for the environment than simply keeping the highly fuel efficient cars on the road? The answer is: we don’t know. After I showed pictures of hundreds of VWs just rotting in the Pontiac Silverdome parking lot awaiting a verdict from CARB and the EPA on whether they’ll live to drive another day, people naturally wondered if scrapping all of these cars was really an environmentally-friendly thing to do. Advertisement Advertisement After all, it takes energy to recycle an old car, and more importantly, it takes energy to manufacture a replacement—plus you have to calculate the effects of scrapping all that metal. And even if they were way high on NOx emissions, these TDIs were known to score 50+ MPG. How can crushing them be better for the environment? We Have No Idea To answer whether or not it would make more sense to READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Syberia 3 Gets an Intriguing Story Trailer Focusing on the Youkol Tribe

Microids released a new story trailer for Syberia 3 today that delves into the game’s story a bit more, detailing playable character Kate Walker’s relationship with the Youkol Tribe. …Read More The post Syberia 3 Gets an Intriguing Story Trailer Focusing on the Youkol Tribe by Tomas Franzese appeared first on DualShockers.


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets: Exclusive Creature Reveal

Plus, director Luc Besson and star Dane DeHaan discuss bringing the classic space epic comic to the big screen. By Scott Collura As any fan of The Fifth Element will tell you, French filmmaker Luc Besson knows a thing or two about creating otherworldly creatures. And now, as the helmer gets ready to release a new trailer tomorrow for his latest sci-fi saga, the Dane DeHaan- and Cara Delevingne-starring Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, IGN has an exclusive look at one of Besson’s newest alien creations. Let us introduce Valerian’s Bromosaurs: Valerian’s Bromosaurs (click to make the image bigger) We’re told that “Bromosaurs are enormous creatures that graze on the seabed of the Galana Sea on Alpha, the city of a thousand planets. Their respiratory system filters water and expels it in purified form from an orifice on top of its head that is similar to a whale’s blowhole. This purification process attracts a very fragile animal with exceptional sensorial powers, the Mylea jellyfish, which clamps onto the bromosaur because it needs highly purified water to survive. In return, the jellyfish, which can read minds, enables bromosaurs to communicate as if they are READ FULL STORY AT…

sam and max

There’s finally a plushie version of Max, the adorable, deadly, foul-mouthed rabbit half of indie co


Has Been Heroes Receives Thrilling Launch Trailer

Frozenbyte’s princess-escorting roguelike Has Been Heroes got a launch trailer to celebrate its release on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One in North America. …Read More The post Has Been Heroes Receives Thrilling Launch Trailer by Tomas Franzese appeared first on DualShockers.


Rivals of Aether Makes The Smash Bros. Formula Feel New Again

Rivals of Aether Rivals of Aether, out today, wants to become every newbie’s first platform fighter. Rather than relegating that throne to Smash Bros., Rivals of Aether guts the iconic Nintendo game while retaining the skeleton of its famous playstyle. In a genre monopolized by an established AAA game, Rivals succeeds at nearly everything it sets out to do. Advertisement Rivals of Aether’s character roster offers eight humanoid animal fighters, each representing earth, wind, water or fire. They’re furnished with remarkably cute backstories, which Rivals’ single-player mode details in between AI battles. In its versus mode, playable locally or online through Steam, players battle it out with smash attacks, aerials and specials, all unique to a chosen character. It’s based on Super Smash Bros. Melee, but with gorgeous pixel art and more dramatic movesets that can alter the environment or other player characters. Maypul the grass-type mongoose, for example, can mark opponents with seeds, lowering their defense, and then wrap them in ivy before smashing them off the map. But if you’re new to platform fighters, you’ll be satisfied just pelting enemies with her sling shot. In an e-mail, creator Dan Fornace, READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Valve news update

Now Available on Steam – Ballistic Overkill

Ballistic Overkill is Now Available on Steam! Ballistic Overkill is a fast paced PvP shooter. Select one of 7 classes, each with their own skills and weapons. Make multiple loadouts with each, creating different builds within the same character. No wimpy support classes, in Ballistic everyone is a killer!


Old Time Hockey Gets an Exciting Launch Trailer


Civilization VI: Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack (PC DLC) for $7.34 (normally $8.99)


The King of Fighters XIV DLC Character Vanessa Shines in Her Own Gameplay Video


Destiny 2 'Last Call' Teaser, Reveal Trailer on March 30