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Flinthook Is A Tough But Fair Game About A Space Pirate

Not a problem. There are several bosses in Flinthook, a 2D platforming roguelike (roguelike-like? A game with roguelike elements? ANYWAY) by Tribute Games that is out today for computers and consoles. Seven hours in I haven’t beaten the first boss, but I’m having a great time anyway. You play as the eponymous tiny masked pirate, boarding a series of space ships to steal treasure and fight bad guys on your way to confront end-level bosses. Flinthook has a gun to blast his way toward the bosses, as well as two unique accoutrements: a belt that slows time and a grappling hook to swing around the level’s architecture. Combined, these two elements are an interesting twist on platforming. The grappling hook isn’t physics-based; you don’t have to deal with momentum or trajectories. Flinthook zips and swings accurately around the level, outmaneuvering the AI. Slowing time lets you move tactically. You can grapple above enemies, take a few pot shots, then slow time and navigate through their bullets as you swoop away. This can be a lifesaver in harder rooms, where enemies and environmental hazards can pile up fast. GIF Gif via Tribute Games Ships are made READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

What Are You Playing This Weekend? 

The weekend is for having a friend stay with you and debating between actually cleaning the house/buying food or just kicking your dirty laundry under the bed/ordering pizza. Also, video games. Advertisement I have an upcoming game to play, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for more Witcher 3. I’ve definitely been taking my time with Blood and Wine. I don’t want it to end! Overwatch’s new PvE event has also gotten me picking up the game a bit more than usual lately, so I’ll probably play that a bit too. Advertisement What about you? What are you playing? READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Rain World got a patch that provides some gameplay improvements, including keeping map progress upon

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Weekends are for reminding yourself that even though the workout routine you just started isn’t super impressive, you gotta start somewhere, and getting some exercise will make you happier than lounging around. Also, video games. Advertisement I am so excited for the PS4 Gwent beta this weekend I can’t even tell you. Playing Gwent against real people is going to be a disaster. I can’t wait for all the cool ways I’m gonna lose. I’m also going to play some Overwatch, because my roommate told me I’ve been playing too much The Witcher 3 and she misses me. She also just bought The Witcher 3 on Steam sale, though. Please check back in a few weeks to see if The Witcher has ruined my household. Advertisement What about you? What are you playing this weekend? READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Gwent gets a PS4 beta this weekend, from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.


Here's The PlayStation Plus Lineup For April

Screenshot of Drawn to Death via Youtube April’s PlayStation Plus lineup features a launch game, Drawn to Death, as well some older games you might have missed. Co-op Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a lot of fun if you enjoy yelling at your friends under the guise of teamwork. Advertisement Remember, these games are only “free” if you have an active PlayStation Plus membership. Here’s April’s lineup: PlayStation 4 Drawn to Death Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime PlayStation 3 Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom Alien Rage—Extended Edition PlayStation Vita (crossbuy with PS4) 10 Second Ninja Curses ‘n Chaos READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

guardians of the galaxy

Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy gets its first episode, “Tangled Up In Blue,” April 18.


Sunless Sea Is Great On iPad

Good luck, tiny boat. The beautifully-written survival exploration game Sunless Sea came to iPad last week. It feels right at home on mobile. You play as a sea captain in a steampunk/Lovecraftian/fantasy version of London that’s fallen beneath the surface of the earth and onto a subterranean sea. You set out from your home port of Fallen London in pursuit of a goal—fame, exploration, finding your father’s remains. Some locations remain the same from playthrough to playthrough, while others move around. Through lush text, you travel to strange lands, trade mysterious goods, and unravel bizarre tales surrounding even more bizarre characters. You have to manage food, fuel, and sanity (heavily dependant on light) as well as fight the occasional pirate or monster that appears from the ocean’s depths. You’ll die a lot in a lot of unusual ways. I’ve been killed by living icebergs, gone mad in complex mazes, and had my crew mutiny and eat each other while at sea. The game uses permadeath, meaning that if you die you have to restart the game, though you can turn this option off. I spent about 20 hours in Sunless Sea in 2014 READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

games with gold

Here's April's Xbox Live Games With Gold Lineup

If you haven’t caught up on Season Two of Telltale’s The Walking Dead or missed Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Xbox Live’s Games with Gold has you covered for April. Paying subscribers to Xbox Live can grab these four games for “free”if they have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Advertisement April’s Games with Gold are: Xbox One Ryse: Son of Rome (April 1-30) The Walking Dead: Season 2 (April 16-May 15) Xbox 360 (compatible with Xbox One) Darksiders (April 1-15) Assassin’s Creed Revelations (April 16-30) READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Watch Us Play The Beginning Of Mass Effect: Andromeda


PlayStation 4's Software Update 4.50 comes out tomorrow, bringing external hard drive support, u


I Accidentally Got The Worst Ending In The Witcher 3

Look at her. She knows what I did. I recently finished the main plot of The Witcher 3. You might have been following my love affair with it through my stories on the topic, or my weekly “What Are You Playing” posts featuring Geralt in various states of undress. My reward for 110 hours of hard work? Accidentally being a terrible dad. SERIOUSLY BIG WITCHER 3 ENDING SPOILERS AHEAD, AS WELL AS EARLY HOURS OF HEARTS OF STONE I’d heard from my colleagues that the game has multiple endings, which I knew had something to do with being a good father figure to Ciri. I interacted with Ciri with that in mind, carefully sizing up every Dad Moment, though I didn’t know which choices would actually affect the end. Honestly, I thought I was a pretty great dad. I told Ciri she didn’t have to be good at everything when she was upset after the battle at Kaer Morhen. I thought it was a valuable moment of growth for her, one both I and Geralt could stand to learn. I went with her to fight Imlerith because we were in this Wild Hunt thing READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Morphblade Is An Abstract Bug Murder Game

This is a promotional screenshot. Morphblade has never told me I’m ‘good.’ Morphblade, a new PC game by Gunpoint developer Tom Francis, has the allure of ‘one more round’ that would make it a great mobile game. I’m glad it’s not, though, because I already miss my subway stops enough. Advertisement Morphblade takes place on a board made up of hexagons. Hexes give you random different abilities, though you can sometimes choose your own. Some are attacks: the hammer kills enemies adjacent to you, acid strips armored enemies, the blade kills enemies to the sides of you, and the arrow moves two spaces instead of one. Other hexes let you repair yourself or teleport around the board. Hexes are upgradable, either by killing a number of enemies on them or killing ‘upgrader’ bugs. It’s a little hard to explain, but it’s really intuitive in action. Here’s the developer giving it a go: Upgrades allow you to combine the abilities of certain hexes (according to the game, there are 720 possible combinations), which come in handy as the waves of enemies grow harder. Simple bugs soon turn into enemies that can be READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Sunless Sea’s iPad version has a release date of March 23.