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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Looks Good Running on PC

Because nothing is sacred in this world, a group of programmers have gotten The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to run on PC. This project began shortly after the game’s release. At the time, the programmers believed it would take months to get the game running properly. This makes sense given all of the different mechanics within the game. As you’ll see, the group has made tremendous progress since then. This is all possible thanks to a program called CEMU, which allows Wii U games to run on PC. In the beginning, the group was only able to show the game’s opening cave. Now, there is more of the game to show off. As you can see, it runs almost as well as it does on Wii U. While this emulated Breath of the Wild suffers from frame rate drops, so does the Wii U version. Minor hitches aside, the team has done an impressive job porting the game over so far. [embedded content] CEMU is funded through Patreon. It has gained many backers in the last two weeks. At the beginning of the month, CEMU had 1857 backers donating a collective $7782 a month. It now has 5135 backers who…

Sony Releases a Surprise Ghostbusters VR Game

It’s very rare to see a company release a game without any sort of promotion. Usually, a title’s existence and release date are known months ahead of time. Surprise releases just don’t happen that often. That’s why it’s surprising that Sony has today released a brand-new Ghostbusters PlayStation VR game on the PlayStation Store. The game is called Ghostbusters is Hiring: Firehouse. It is the first entry in a planned series of Ghostbusters games for PlayStation VR. The game takes place in the same Ghostbusters universe from the eponymous 2016 reboot movie. It is being produced by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality with creative input by series producer, Ivan Reitman. As you may already know, Reitman directed the very first Ghostbusters film back in 1984. Players take on the role of a newly-minted Ghostbuster. They will be guided by a ghost called Mooglie, who is voice by Patton Oswalt. Users will get to walk around the Ghostbusters firehouse and try to capture a ghost. Before doing that, they’ll have to assemble a proton pack and ghost trap in order to get the job done. The game promises to have a ton of hidden goodies, so exploration is encouraged. One of the surprises includes…

Never-Before-Seen Street Fighter II Combos Discovered After 26 years

Street Fighter II is the father of all modern fighting games. If it wasn’t for Street Fighter II, the fighting game genre as we know today wouldn’t exist. You would think a classic game like this has been dissected every way imaginable by the fighting game community. However, someone has discovered combos for SFII that haven’t been seen before. These combos were unearthed by Desk, who is “the world’s greatest fighting game combo technician” (according to EuroGamer). The combos are technically not supposed to be possible. However, thanks to a glitch that has been in SFII since the beginning, they are indeed possible. In the game, once you knock down an opponent with a sweep, you aren’t supposed to be able to follow up with a combo. Other Capcom fighting games let you do this, but not SFII. As you can see in the video below, Desk is doing combos after sweeping. This is because of the glitch, but it isn’t universal to every character in the game. [embedded content] This on the ground (OTG) glitch can only be done on Vega. Desk credits Japanese fighting game player TZW with first performing this glitch “back in the days when combo…


Sega Unveils First Sonic Forces Footage

Sega has revealed the first footage from the upcoming Sonic Forces. Originally known as “Project Sonic” when it was announced alongside Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces is a “modern” 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game. This means that the title is more in line with games like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Colors. As you can see from the trailer, Sonic Forces has all of the conventions you would expect from a current-day Sonic game. The little blue hedgehog runs down steep hills collecting rings and destroying robots as the city around him is (presumably) being attacked by Doctor Eggman. Truth be told, there isn’t a lot going on here other than Sonic running as fast as his little feet will take him. But if you’re into these type of Sonic games then I’m sure this is all gravy to you. [embedded content] As was previously reported, Sonic Forces will feature both 3D and 2D gameplay akin to 2011’s Sonic Generations. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t show any gameplay from the 2D portions of the game. We can only speculate on how the 2D sections will play out. If they are anything like they were READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!


Nintendo to Double Switch Production From 8 to 16 Million

Earlier this week, we reported that the Nintendo Switch has sold approximately 1.5 million units worldwide. According to Nintendo, it is the fastest selling Nintendo system in the Americas and Europe. The handheld/console hybrid is a success. Due to the device’s impressive sales numbers, Nintendo is now planning to ramp up production from 8 million units to 16 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. In that same report, it is stated that Nintendo plans to ship 2.5 million Switch units by the end of March. Originally, the company was only going to ship 2 million this month. There have already been reports of shortages, so shipping half a million more consoles should hopefully help. The Wall Street Journal report doesn’t provide more information on this and Nintendo has yet to make an official announcement on how many Switch consoles it has sold. The sales numbers come to us via SuperData, and not Nintendo directly. You would assume that, given the circumstances, Nintendo would be boasting about how many Switch units it has sold. [embedded content] By upping production from eight to sixteen million consoles, Nintendo is taking a huge risk. READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!


Capcom Debunks Wild Resident Evil 7 Conspiracy Theory

If you have not finished Resident Evil 7, then please stop reading now. Capcom has extinguished a fan-theory concerning the game’s ending. If you don’t want that spoiled, then turn away now. For those who have finished, continue reading as this is one of the more interesting Resident Evil 7 conspiracy theories out there. At the game’s conclusion, a character who identifies himself as “Redfield” appears. Chris Redfield has starred in a number of Resident Evil titles. Though he has undergone cosmetic changes over the years, he has always been easily identifiable. However, this version of Chris Redfield looks completely different than any past iteration. His appearance is so radically different that some have theorized that perhaps it wasn’t Chris Redfield at all, but another character: Hunk. [embedded content] The video above was posted on January 24 of this year, meaning that this theory has been around since the game’s launch. Just on pure appearance alone, it is easy to understand why some fans would believe the man in Resident Evil 7 could be Hunk. However, a month later, Capcom confirmed that this character was in fact Chris Redfield, who is getting his own story DLC soon. READ FULL STORY…


Speedrunner Finishes Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Less Than an Hour

Even before The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was officially released, some players managed to finish it quickly by using a number of in-game exploits. Since then, speed run times have gotten shorter and shorter. The latest speed run record for the game comes in at under one hour. Speed runner gymnast86 had previously set a world record by finishing Breath of the Wild in 58:01 seconds. That was already an incredibly impressive speed run, but he managed to top himself by finishing the game in 53:13. “This run has many different optimizations and improvements over my previous personal record of 58:01,” says gymnast86 in the video’s description. “These include a new Plateau route which obtains the magnesis before the bombs; a new Hyrule Castle route which skips having to go through Zelda’s Bedroom/Study; and the use of mighty elixirs to speed up the final boss fight.” [embedded content] In the beginning, speed runners used the Smash Bros. Link Amiibo in order to get the horse, Epona. This would enable them to reach Hyrule Castle quickly. As you can imagine, this caused controversy among the speed running community. For READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!


Capcom’s The Disney Afternoon Collection Resurrects Six NES Classics

Capcom just made a lot of 90’s kids very happy today. The company has announced that it will release The Disney Afternoon Collection. This collection includes Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 1 and 2, Duck Tales 1 and 2, Tale Spin, and Darkwing Duck. These isn’t a collection of remakes either, but the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System classics everyone remembers. The collection has a slew of new modes. In Boss Rush mode, players can face each of the games’ bosses back-to-back. Rewind allows users to rewind time — a useful feature considering how hard these games are. There’s also Time Attack mode where you try to complete stages as quickly as possible. The results will be posted to an online leaderboard where players can compare each others’ scores. Finally, Museum Mode lets people check out original pieces of concept art from each game. Everything in the collection has been optimized to run at 1080p. [embedded content] This collection was made for folks like me who watched these cartoons every day after school. I also played each of these games back in the day. Duck Tales was a particular favorite of READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!

Dedicated No Man’s Sky Fan Spends Over $4000 on the Game

Though it had great potential, No Man’s Sky ultimately ended up disappointing a lot of people. Despite that, Hello Games’ now notorious title still has its fair share of devotees. None are as hardcore as Blake Patterson, who has invested over $4000 into the game. Blake first started playing No Man’s Sky on the PlayStation 4. He had a great time with the game initially. As he continued playing, however, he wanted more out of it. “My PlayStation 4 was in my den entertainment center with a few other consoles, tied to the wall-mounted screen,” said Patterson. “I wanted to get as deep into the experience as I could after the first few days, so I pulled one of my Mac’s displays off the desk to clear a space in the basement computer room, bought a 32-inch curved 1920-by-1080 display, and plopped it and the PS4 down next to the Mac and started playing.” He enjoyed this set up, but it still wasn’t enough. Patterson wanted to enrich his experience further. Since the PlayStation 4 could only take him so far, so he decided to build a gaming PC for the purposes of playing No Man’s Sky to its full…


There’s a Reason Why Link Doesn’t Wear His Iconic Green Hat in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

For decades, one of Link’s most distinguishing features has been his green hat. However, it appears that Link forgot to don his signature head wear in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He can wear a number of other items on his head, but is lacking his famous hat. Though it is odd that Link isn’t wearing his iconic hair protector, there is a very specific reason why. Namely, it didn’t look “cool.” This is according to Satoru Takizawa, who is the art director for Breath of the Wild. During an interview at the Game Developers Conference (as posted by Polygon), he said: “As the graphic fidelity has increased it becomes more difficult to make that hat look cool. As the game becomes more realistic it’s difficult to present it in a way that’s appealing.” This reasoning explains why Link’s hat has undergone severe changes with the last two Zelda releases: Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. “If you look at Twilight Princess, I really made the hat long, so it would flap in the wind and move around,” Takizawa said. “But because of that people were like ‘What’s he got? What’s in READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!

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PS4 Games Will be Playable on PlayStation Now Later This Year

PlayStation Now is Sony’s streaming games service. Up until now, subscribers were only able to stream PlayStation 3 titles. This will change later this year as Sony has announced that users will be able to stream PS4 games to their PS4 and PC. “We’re excited to announce that PS Now’s catalog is set to grow even further, as we’ll be expanding to include a new platform: PlayStation 4 games,” said senior marketing manager Brian Dunn Senior on the PlayStation Blog. “All of the games in the service, including PS4 games, will be included with a single PS Now subscription.” A private test with PS4 games will begin in the next few weeks. PlayStation Now subscribers are being asked to keep an eye on their email in case they’re invited to participate in the test. [embedded content] Sony hasn’t released information about which PS4 titles will be coming to PlayStation Now. However, it is safe to assume it will not put brand-new games on the service. That could potentially undercut game sales, after all. While we can only speculate on the timing, it is likely Sony will wait a certain amount of READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!

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If You Didn’t Pay for a Steam Game Your Review no Longer Counts

It looks like Valve is changing things on Steam once again. If you got a game during one of Valve’s free promotional weekends or as a gift from a friend, then your review for it will no longer count towards its overall score. Here is how Valve explains it: “In September, we made some adjustments to how the review score was calculated for each product. You can read about those changes and the reasoning behind it here. We’re continuing with a few more changes in this direction to improve the relevance of the score by better reflecting the sentiment expressed by invested, paying customers.” “With the changes, we are making now, the review score (shown at the top of store pages and in various places throughout the store such as search results) will no longer include reviews by users that received the game for free, such as via a gift, or during a free weekend. Reviews can still be written by customers that obtained the game in any of these ways, but the review will not count toward the overall review score.” The reasoning behind this is interesting. Valve believes people who pay READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!


You Can Use Chickens to Kill Enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

via The Legend of Zelda games have featured some nasty creatures over the years. As any fan of the series can attest, the most vicious of all are cuccos. These seemingly harmless chickens can and will kill you if you provoke them. This is also the case in the recently released Breath of the Wild. If you attack a cucco, the chicken’s buddies will attack en mass and bring you to a swift end. What was once a long-running in-game joke can now be used to players’ advantage. If an enemy attacks a cucco, he’s going to have a very bad day. This is thanks to how Breath of the Wild is built. Unlike most other Zelda games, Breath of the Wild is very systems-based. Everything in the game is reactive. For example, if you swing a torch near grass you’ll create a fire. If you shoot electric arrows into a body of water, enemies in the water will take extra damage. These reactive systems also apply to cuccos. As this GIF from videogamedunkey shows, if an enemy hits Link while he is holding a cucco, the game will register it as READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!


Kickstarter Games Castle Gives a Spotlight to Independent Games at PAX East

One of the great things about the various Penny Arcade Expos are the shows’ focus on smaller games. While larger publishers certainly have a presence, independent games are the true heart of any PAX event. This year’s PAX East will take this idea even further with Kickstarter Games Castle. The Kickstarter Games Castle will feature a range of Kickstarter-funded video and table top games. You read that correctly: table top games. PAX has always been a home for gamers, and not just the ones who play video games. Some of these tabletop games include: Exploding Kittens, Bears vs Babies, and Secret Hitler. On the video game front, there are games like The Flame in the Flood, Night in the Woods, and Divinity: Original Sin 2. All of the games in the Kickstarter Games Castle have been successfully funded. Despite being successful on Kickstarter, having these games showcased at PAX East will certainly help get them noticed by a larger audience. Below is a list of every game that will be playable at the Kickstarter Games Castle. If you’re attending PAX East in Boston over the weekend, do yourselves a favor and swing by this READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!