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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Global Launch Timings Revealed

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind launches on June 6 and for those who plan to pick up the expansion, Bethesda has revealed when exactly its servers will go live. Since it’ll be a worldwide launch, Morrowind will be available on all platforms at 5.00AM EDT. To see what time that translates to in your zone, check out the map below (open in new window or click to enlarge). In order to prepare for launch, Bethesda will be taking ESO‘s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One megaservers down for maintenance at 9.00AM EDT on June 5. Players in North America will be able to pick up copies of the game from retailers at 9pm local time on June 5, and can begin pre-loading right away. Those in Europe will have to wait until their retail stores open on the morning of June 6. For more on Morrowind, check out our previous coverage. Any of our readers planning to buy the expansion? READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Some Game Companies Reportedly Agreeing to SAG-AFTRA’s Terms Following Voice Actors Strike

Following the SAG-AFTRA led voice actors strike, it has been reported that some video game companies have now agreed to the union’s terms but their names have not been revealed. In its recent trade magazine (via Games Industry), the organization revealed that some companies have agreed to residual payments. Voice actors will be paid a day’s wage for every two million units that a video game sells, and up to four payments if sales reach eight million. SAG-AFTRA says that companies have agreed to the deals  “under the same terms that the AAA companies have refused,” which seems to suggest that big companies haven’t budged. “This is a crucial time,” says SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris. “The video game companies are getting ready to start production on a slate of new titles. They need and want our members’ talent to be on their games.” Companies involved include Activision, Blindlight, Disney, Electronic Arts, Formosa, Insomniac Games, Interactive Associates, Take-Two, Warner Bros, VoiceWorks and Discovery Films. [Source: SAG-AFTRA via Games Industry] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

Vampyr to Get 45 Mins of New Gameplay at E3 2017, Focus Home Interactive Reveals Full Lineup

If you’re as intrigued by Dontnod Entertainment’s Vampyr as we are and are hoping to hear more about the game, then you’ll only have to wait a little bit longer. Publisher Focus Home Interactive announced its full E3 2017 lineup today and revealed that it’ll be bringing 45 minutes of never-before-seen gameplay from the action RPG. While the presentation will be closed-door, you can expect previews and some footage to be released later on. Here are two other titles that’ll be showcased behind closed doors: A Plague Tale: Innocence (Asobo): A 15 minutes gameplay walkthrough with developer commentary. Call of Cthulhu (Cyanide): A gameplay walkthrough with developer commentary. Alongside the above, new info will be shared for the following titles: Insurgency: Sandstorm (New World Interactive) Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Cyanide) GreedFall (Spiders) The Surge (Deck13) If you’re visiting as a member of the public, then don’t fret as Focus Home will have “a dozen playable stations” so you can get your hands on some recent and upcoming releases. The publisher’s booth will be located at West-Hall #4512. E3 2017 takes place during June 13-15. READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

Alexis Kennedy

Writer Addresses Reports of Next Dragon Age Game Being In Development

Yesterday, Eurogamer published a lengthy interview with writer Alexis Kennedy who signed up for a new BioWare project last September. The article revolves around him writing the next Dragon Age, which wasn’t exactly a shocking revelation given all the reports and hints that have been dropped so far, but it looks like people jumped the gun a little bit. As soon as publications and readers started assuming that the next Dragon Age has officially been confirmed, Kennedy took to Twitter with the following clarification: Ware EA ninjas! All I’ve said is that it’s something in the DA franchise. It could be a spin-off or late DLC or a dragon breeding program.. Creative Director Mike Laidlaw added: Lot of assumptions being made, but Alexis makes a very important clarification! In other words, don’t assume anything. We’ll keep our readers posted if an official announcement is made. [Source: Alexis Kennedy, Mike Laidlaw (Twitter)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Nex Machina PS4 Closed Beta Registration Open

If you want to try out Housemarque’s Nex Machina prior to its release, then now is your chance to do so. The developer announced earlier today that closed beta registration for PlayStation 4 is now open. Simply head over here to sign up. Important to note that only a few hundred players will be randomly selected so there’s no guarantee that you’ll be granted access. The beta will begin on Friday, May 26, and will end on Thursday, June 1. Only those with a European or North American PSN account will be able to partake in the test. Housemarque has also laid down the following rules: No live streaming of the game is allowed at this point, but if you want to capture materials for later release on YouTube, we will have guidelines for content creation. All gameplay footage from the beta is open to be captured and used in videos. Only UI and game menus are restricted in the current form. If a video contains UI or menu parts, it needs to be cleared on the “media” Discord channel of the dedicated Nex Machina Discord hub. We will send invites to Discord for selected participants. All videos READ FULL…

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Announces New Overwatch League for Aspiring Professional Players

Blizzard Entertainment has announced Overwatch Contenders, a new league for aspiring professionals. The first season of its tournament kicks off this summer in North America and Europe, with cash prizes up for grabs and a chance to be picked up by professional teams. Over on its website, the developer wrote: Over the first year of organized Overwatch competition, we’ve seen an incredible exhibition of skill at Overwatch APEX in South Korea, the Overwatch Pacific Championship in the Asia-Pacific region, and the Overwatch Premier Series in China. It’s time to bring that level of competition to the West. If you and your team have what it takes to compete with the best in the West, Overwatch Contenders is your chance to shine. To find the top teams on the North American and European servers, Season Zero of Overwatch Contenders will be an open signup, online-only qualifier to determine the top eight teams in each of those two regions. Each of these tournaments will have a prize pool of USD $50,000. To provide aspiring players with further opportunities to enter the professional scene, Blizzard will also host an Overwatch Open Division in select regions around the world, which will READ FULL STORY…

Bandai Namco Entertainment

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DB Super Pack 4 Out in June

Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will get its fourth DLC pack in June. It’ll feature Fused Zamasu and Super Saiyan Blue Vegito alongside new moves and missions. No further details are available at this time but over on Twitter, the publisher shared the following screenshots: Playable SSGSS Vegito & Fused Zamasu, a new move: Spirit Stab (Vegito) + MORE! Ready for the #Xenoverse2 DB Super Pack 4? It’s coming soon! — Bandai Namco US (@BandaiNamcoUS) May 21, 2017 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is currently available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A Nintendo Switch version is planned for a Fall 2017 release in North America and Europe, which Bandai Namco announced today. For more on the game and info on previously released DLC packs, head over here. You can also check out our review, if you haven’t already. Are any of our readers still playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? [Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment (Twitter)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Next Rocket League Update Will Retire Champion Crates

Psyonix has announced that starting with its next major update for Rocket League, the studio will begin retiring some of its Crates and that going forward, it’ll be retiring them “roughly six months” after initial release. This is being done to make room for newer Crates and to increase the frequency of them dropping post match. The first four Crates to go will be the Champion series. Over on its website, Psyonix wrote: This retirement ONLY affects drops, so if you already have Champion Crates in your inventory, or want to trade Champion Crates to other players after their retirement, you will still be able to do so. Items found inside retired Crates could still come back at a later date. Some items are already available in other Crates, like those found in the Player’s Choice Crate we released in February. Future Crates will be announced prior to their release on Rocket League‘s website and details of the game’s next update, which is due out in the summer, will be available in due course. [Source: Rocket League] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

Resident Evil Movie Franchise Is Being Rebooted

Martin Moszkowicz of Germany’s Constantin Film has confirmed to Variety at the Cannes Film Festival that the Resident Evil movie franchise is being rebooted. Constantin currently holds the rights to the franchise and has worked on all of its installments. “Details such as the reboot director, stars, and how the reboot would fit into the franchise narrative are being kept under wraps,” say Variety. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which grossed $312 million worldwide, was to end the franchise but it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Variety further writes: The Resident Evil movie franchise has earned $1.2 billion worldwide to date, making it Europe’s most successful independent horror-genre movie franchise in history and the highest-grossing film series to be based on a video game. It’s unclear if Paul W.S. Anderson will return to work on the franchise as he’s currently working on a movie adaptation of Capcom’s Monster Hunter. What do our readers think of this? [Source: Variety] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

Boss Key Productions

Boss Key Talks LawBreakers PS4 and PC Release, Says “Choices Had to Be Made”

Following today’s announcement of Lawbreakers‘ PlayStation 4 release, Boss Key Productions’ Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brussee held a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything session to answer some fan questions. As expected, the duo was asked why they decided to skip an Xbox One release at this time. Without revealing much, Brussee said that it was down to Boss Key being a small studio, resulting in them having to make a decision. “We cannot do everything at the same time,” he said. “Choices had to be made.” Answering a series of questions about the PS4 version, Brussee said that Boss Key plans on “fully supporting the extra power of PS4 Pro.” Lawbreakers will have a console beta to allow the developers to get some feedback and consider player requests. One of the things that might be under consideration is keyboard and mouse support on console but Boss Key says that it’s concerned about the game’s balance. Earlier today, we were told that Lawbreakers will be a digital-only release. Over on Reddit, Brussee says that there are no “concrete” plans for a disc release yet but reiterated the developer’s stance of discs being outdated. We’ll update our readers when Lawbreakers‘ PS4 beta is announced. [Source: Reddit] READ FULL…

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Animated Shorts Returning for Season 2, Work’s Underway

Blizzard Entertainment’s Jeff Kaplan said during a recent press event (via Polygon) that Overwatch‘s animated shorts are set to return for “season two” and that the developer is already “hard at work” on them. “The animated shorts are probably the thing that we have the most fun making,” said Kaplan. “We really love working with our animation group and digging out the stories not tied to any constraints of gameplay. We can tell any stories we want.” Blizzard considers The Last Bastion, which released in August 2016, as the end of season one despite releasing another animated short revolving around Sombra’s origin story last November. “We think of them as in seasons,” Kaplan explained. “That’s how we talk about them internally. So our first season started with ‘Recall’ and ended with ‘The Last Bastion.’” We’re told that animated shorts take quite a while to make but that Blizzard is “making good progress” on them. [Source: Polygon] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


World of Tanks Developer Denies Censorship Claims After Fallout With YouTuber Over Harsh Criticism

World of Tanks developer, Wargaming, found itself thrust into the spotlight late last week after a fallout with one of its community contributors over a video in which he harshly criticized the studio. In his video criticizing the game’s Chrysler K Grand Finals premium tank, YouTuber SirFoch used swear words which seems to have ticked off Wargaming. As GameRevolution reports, one of the studio’s Community Managers named Ph3lan messaged SirFoch over Discord (screenshots here), and informed him that he was being removed from the contributor program for his unprofessional tone. Fair enough. But then Ph3lan proceeded to ask SirForch to remove the video (re-uploaded here by a different user), and when he refused, he was told that Wargaming would have it taken down by a copyright strike. Following backlash, Ph3lan defended the move and accused SirForch of using “his status, influence, and the exclusive preview content he was given to defame Wargaming and World of Tanks.” “To put it bluntly, we asked him to remove the video because he abused his status as a contributor and the content he received from us to create a video that defamed our company image with the tone and language he used,” he continued. On READ…


Injustice 2 PS4/PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One Graphics Comparison Released

[embedded content] Out since May 16, NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice 2 has received the Digital Foundry treatment whereby the outlet compared the game’s graphics on the PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One. In the video above, Digital Foundry notes that although the PS4 Pro version comes with several improvements over the base PS4 version, the differences are quite “subtle,” especially in full motion where players are hardly going to notice them. However, the graphics and resolution quality is understandably better on the PS4 Pro with pristine images. Performance-wise, Digital Foundry experienced a “handful” of torn frames on both the PS4 and Xbox One, especially when playing online, with the issue occurring a bit more on Microsoft’s console. The PS4 Pro, however, doesn’t have this problem in offline gameplay. Overall, Injustice 2 seems to perform well on all platforms. Check out the video above for more details or alternatively, await Digital Foundry’s in-depth write-up if you’re interested. READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

hi rez studios

Paladins Amassed “Well Over” 2 Million Console Players in the Last Two Weeks

Hi-Rez Studios has revealed that its free-to-play multiplayer shooter, Paladins, has amassed “well over” two million console players since the game entered open beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 3. Announcing the news on Reddit, Hi-Rez thanked players for positive word of mouth and wrote that Paladins is now “one of the fastest growing games.” Here are some other highlights that the studio recently shared: In the eight months since Early Access, the total Paladins player count is now over 11 million, and growing rapidly. This does not count any players in China; since the China version of Paladins is still in Closed Testing on separate servers. In China, the game will be published by Tencent Games, the leading publisher in that market. The success of the game so far has allowed us to greatly staff up the Development Team (Smite’s Dev Team also continues to grow, by the way). In 2017, the Dev Team has managed to deliver: a new update every 2 weeks, 6 New Champions (Torvald, Maeve, Inara, Lex, Seris, Willo), 2 New Maps (Stone Keep, Brightmarsh), experimental Alternate Modes (PvE, Survival), a ton of test maps, and features we saw as READ FULL…